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Jumping Jack Flash

Will has started jumping!  It is awesome!  He loves to do it, but sometimes he jumps while he is on chairs and other furniture.  Not that I mind jumping on my furniture, but he does not pay any attention and can easily jump right off. 

He also likes to jump in his crib.

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My Gym

The My Gym up in Huntersville had an open house the Saturday of the Superbowl.  I have been considering signing him up for a class at the Little Gym near us.  I know he would love it, but they are super expensive.  So we figured that we’d go to the open house and see how much he would actually like it.  Well, our suspicions were confirmed . . . he had a BLAST!  He ran, he jumped, he climbed, he threw, he swung, he hung, he walked, he did it all!  We figured that we’d only stay about 30 minutes; too bad after 2 hours, we had to drag him out of there to come home for a nap.  It is a shame they are so expensive. 

Time for the balance beam

First trip, of 1,000, was successful!


Ready to go again

fun on the parachute

The first time I put him up there, he hung for several minutes. He was a natural. The problem was that he didn't know how to get down. When he started getting tired, he grunted to let me know. I had to show him that he could just let go and fall.

bubble time

dancing with scarves

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Card Shark

We love to play poker, especially Jim, but both of us really enjoy it.  Periodically we get together with friends for a “friendly” tournament.  Actually Jim was at a friend’s playing when my water broke with Will.  He was winning until I called to tell him, then it all went down hill from there.  In mid-January, we went over to Matt and Jenny’s to play some.  They have 2 little girls, so it is a kid friendly house, which makes our lives easier.  Because they had so many toys and plenty of kids to keep Will interested, both of us were able to play.  Will was a trooper and stayed up the entire night, long after the other kids all crashed.  Jim ended up winning and I came in 3rd, so we didn’t leave until about midnight.  I couldn’t believe that Will was still running around playing and not even grumpy!  He is such a good boy.  But you know that he was asleep before we could even back out of their driveway!  🙂 

All the kids were having fun "riding" around

Violet was ready to take over her dad's seat

Will didn't care that they were girl toys. He had a blast.

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1 year 32 weeks old

Will is 84 weeks old.  He is proving everyday that he is ALL boy!!  I know he likes to wear my heels, but other than that, he is a boy through and through.  And I must say that I see it as a service to his future wife that has good taste in shoes.  🙂 

Up until now he shows us that he is finished with his meals by “cleaning” his space, which consists of throwing all of his remaining food on the ground.  As you can imagine, I love this.  😦  Recently he has added a new “all done eating” symbol.  He now rips his bibs off.  Yes, he wears two bibs, a cloth one that wraps around his sides so when he rubs his hands on his sides they are covered, and a vinyl one that is easy to wipe off.  So now he rips both bibs off and then throws his food on the ground.  ;(

He has also starting to try to “walk” up the stairs instead of crawling up them.  He tries not use his knees at all.  He just goes straight to his feet.  I guess it is a sign that he is starting to get taller.  I don’t want him to be a little shorty forever, but honestly, I would rather him be short until he’s 6-7 and then hit a growth spurt.  He is such a climber that as he gets taller, there are more and more things that he is able to climb.

He started winking this week too.  Jim always winks at him, so he has started copying.  It is hilarious.  He squints and sort of closes both eyes. 

It was the week of big consignment sales here, so Will and I went to one on Wednesday, and the whole team headed to another one Thursday night.  We didn’t find anything good. 😦  Friday night the team headed to Toys R Us and finally decided to use up the remaining square inch of yard that we have left because we bought a swing set for Will.  He loves going to the park, so I know that he’ll love to have stuff to climb on in our own yard.  We’ll see when it ever gets put together because it says it takes 2 handy people 10 hours, well, neither of us are handy, not to mention with Will, we don’t have 10 hours to spend putting it together. So maybe it will be up before he’s 10.  🙂

Will has also started biting.  He’ll bite clothes and furniture.  We’ve tried to tell him “no bite,” but he listens about as much as he does with anything else . . . not at all!!  So Tuesday night, he was just going from place to place biting all of the couches, despite Jim and I both telling him no and pulling him off.  Like most things, he thought it was a fun game.  So I put him in his very first time out.  He is still a little bit young to really understand it, but I had to do something.  I put him in the corner by the front door and set the timer for 1 minute.  I had to put him back at least 5 times and reset the timer because he kept crawling out.  He knew that he was in trouble because he was crying the whole time and just slowly crawling towards freedom.  I finally let him out after about 30 semi-successful seconds.  Once I talked to him and let him out, he got up and ran as fast as he could away from me.  We’ll see.  At this point, I am open to all “no biting” techniques and to giving more timeouts.  The older he gets the more effective timeouts will become, but at this point it is a last ditch effort. 

Friday, we had our second timeout experience.   Will likes to play with a candle in the office.  Everything in the entire house is up and out of reach except for these 2 candles in the office.  Now that he can get on all of the chairs by himself, he likes to climb up and play with the candles.  I am constantly telling him no.  A couple of weeks ago he took a HUGE bite out of one of them.  Friday morning, he kept playing with it despite me saying no.  Finally I picked him up and put him on the floor.  He immediately went over and hit this big stick thing that he knows that he’s not supposed to touch.  So I put him in timeout for not listening.  He did much better this time.  He only crawled out once and stayed for a minute.  I’m working up to the full 90 seconds, but I was happy with a minute this time.  After I talked to him, once again he ran away, but didn’t go back in the office.  🙂  So we’re slowly making progress.  Unfortunately, I have a feeling Will will be finding himself frequently in timeout. 

It is no surprise that Will LOVES playing outside.  He can’t get enough!  So we were headed to the park one day this week, and I was trying to get out of the door.  Will was pulling all of the magnets off of the refrigerator in the garage.  I hit the button to open the garage door, and Will immediately dropped the magnets and took off running as fast as he could towards the outside.  He ran so fast though, that the door hadn’t gotten high enough, and he slammed his forehead into the door and flew backwards onto the ground.  It was both hilarious and horrible at the same time.  Of course he cried, but in typical Will fashion for about 3 seconds.  I was most shocked that he didn’t get a huge welt on his forehead, and I was most sad that I didn’t have a video camera out to catch the whole thing in action because it was so funny (after I knew that he was okay).

Will’s butt was doing really well, until Friday.  He seemed to have a bit of liquidy/runny poop, which really flared his butt up.  He had liquid poop out 4 diapers, so we had lots of clothes changes.   He was in a lot of pain all day during his diaper changes.  😦  It was a tad better Saturday, but not much, he only had to wear 4 different outfits due to the liquid poop out the diaper.  Sunday’s poops were back to normal, but his butt was still super red. We’re trying to get it back on track.

I went to tutor one of my friend’s cousins for his math test to get into the Army Saturday, so I was gone for about 6 hours.  Jim and Will had a lazy day at home since it rained all day.  Then Sunday was also a rainy, yucky day, so we all were pretty lazy.  We did leave to go pick up some poker chips that we bought off of craigslist and then went out to eat at a new pizza joint.  So much for our very long to do list this weekend since it was all outside activities.  😦

84 weeks old

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Eating some of his fruit.

Eating some of his fruit.

Chick-fil-a or as we like to call it, Chick-fil-FUN, is our new favorite restaurant.  I know, we are losers, it is a fast-food joint.  But any place that has grilled chicken, fruit, placemats for food, employees that bring you your food and get you refills, and a play area that provides unlimited fun for a toddler is top on our list of favorite places!  I know that they are more expensive than McDonalds or other fast-food restaurants, but seriously I will pay the extra money for all of the perks that they provide.  Jim went out of town back in November without us, which left me home alone with Will for 3 days.  It was too cold to play outside, so by day 2, we had cabin fever.   So Will and I had a date at Chick-fil-a.  It was so nice to get out of the house for the evening, and Will had a blast playing around. 

I know these pictures are kind of old, especially because we go there at least once a week, but I usually don’t bring my camera with me.  🙂 

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Libraries are fun!

We meet up with my friend Trish and her son Rich pretty much once a month.  Every now and then Trish has to work on a Saturday, and when she does, she has that Friday off.  We enjoy hanging out and the boys love to play together.  Trish and I have been friends since high school, and we love having her in Charlotte.  She found a library in uptown that has a reading group on Fridays.  It is the coolest library that I’ve ever been too.  It has a play area for toddlers, several other smaller play stations, a dress-up area, a play area for school age kids, and even an area just for teens.  The whole place is geared towards kids.  So we can go to the reading group, which only lasts about 20-minutes . . . toddlers can’t handle any longer, but then we can hang out and play in the play area afterwards.  It makes for a great play date.  We’ve been several times and love it. 

Trish was leading the boys while I had the strollers.

The boys playing on the train table

Riding in the life-size train

Will took Rich's spot on Trish's lap during reading time.

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Santa Sally

Will’s favorite lady Sally was so sweet and bought him a racing set for Christmas.  He loves it! At first, he only could push the button to start the race, but after a little bit of practice, he can now set the cars up himself.  Sometimes he’ll pick the whole thing up and put it in your lap if he wants you to play with it.  Will always has a blast when Sally comes to visit.  She is so much fun!

"I love presents!"

Hurry, open the box!

I'm ready to push the button

Sally, will you play with me?

My new hat

You can wear the hat too.

He likes Sally so much that he shares his Cheerios with her 🙂

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Christmas with Dee-Dee and Grandaddy

Dee-Dee and Grandaddy spent Christmas in NoVA with Jason, Beth, Peyton, and Connor.  After they left, they drove down to Charlotte, to spend a couple of days with us.  They brought lots of fun toys from Peyton and Connor with them.  Will had tons of fun opening the gifts with Dee-Dee’s help.  While they were here, we made a trip to the dermatologist to look at his butt and a trip to the mall.  He loves to go to the mall and play in the play area.  Grandaddy helped him on all of the toys that he is too small to do with himself.  Right around Christmas, Will started coloring for the first time.  He colored a picture for them while they were here.  He had so much fun and hated to see them leave.  He’s been super lucky to get to see them so much recently!

Will and Dee-Dee opening presents

Will loves his balls from Peyton and Connor

Oh, this looks fun

What is in here??

McDonalds is fun

Time to read a book

Let's color

Fun at the mall

Thanks for the help Grandaddy

Will loves to climb

They both needed a rest

Dee-Dee's drink is yummy

Don't leave Dee-Dee

Grandaddy is the most fun to ride on

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1 year, 31 weeks old and 19 months old

Will is 83 weeks and 19 months old.  This  has been a great week.  The weather has been absolutely beautiful here in Charlotte, so we’ve been going to the park or playing in the yard almost every day!  Will loves to be outside.  Jim and I had dentist appointments Wednesday, so during my trip back, Jim and Will headed to the mall to play in the play area.  It really has been a fun week for him.  We ate out most nights this week, which is very unlike us, but fun to get out.  We ate Chick-fil-a, McDonalds, Cold Stone, Luigi’s pizza . . . I know, not our healthiest week!  🙂  Will started eating the fruit oatmeal at McDonalds. He loves it, even when I mix carrots into it.  🙂  (There has to be some vegetables in every meal.)   I bought Will 2 new bikes this week too.  He loves riding the smaller one through the house.  It will become an outside bike soon, but in the mean time, I’m letting him ride inside.  The other one is bigger, and we’re using it as a rocker right now in the back.  I also bought some sand for his sandbox and filled it up this week.  He loves to play in the sand. 

On a good note, his butt is starting to look better again.  We’ve been doing bleach baths again, and he seems to be healing nicely.  Let’s hope it is for good this time. 

On the word front . . . here are what we have thus far:  momma, dadda, daddy, hi, hello, bye-bye, dog, baby, hot, hat, flag, truck, duck, puzzle, bubble, balloon, apple, sock, and night-night.   Some are more clear than others, but using your context clues, it is very clear what he is saying.  He has really gotten into looking at his books too.  He points to the pictures that he wants you to talk about, or he’ll grab your finger and have you point to what he wants you to talk about. 🙂  He’ll even make some of the sounds, like lion, snake, elephant, giraffe, vacuum, motorcycle, and train.  At least he tries.  🙂  If he sees something he really likes, but can’t say, he’ll go “Oooh.”  Airplanes are a perfect example.  Since we live near the airport, there are always airplanes outside.  He points and yells “oooh!”

He has been doing a really good job of hanging out in his crib after naps.  Unless something wakes him up, he’s always woken up in a very good mood and likes to play, but he has been playing for almost 30 minutes in the morning and after both naps.  I think it is great!!  He has also starting throwing a lot better.  Whether it is a ball, his sippy cup, or every single thing in his crib!  Frequently when I go in his room after naps, his crib is completely empty and everything from there is thrown throughout his room.

One of the cuter things that he has started doing is when he gets really excited or happy, he does a little jig.  He moves both of his feet back and forth without really moving any direction.  It lasts for about 20 seconds and then he takes off running.  It is adorable!

83 weeks old

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Will doesn’t like to wear his own shoes and hates to wear socks.  The minute you put them on him, he pulls them off.  Gran and Pap sent him a pair of adorable Steelers slippers, but he won’t keep them on.  He did start to wear a pair of Connor’s slippers for a while, but has gone back to pulling them off as soon as you put them on too.  I’m hoping that this is a phase that he’ll grow out of.  He loves our shoes though.  We keep all of our shoes in either the downstairs closet or our closet on shelves.  When he’s playing in our room while we shower and get ready, he likes to play with my shoes.  I am trying to teach him that they are off limits because I really hate having to pick up all of my shoes and reorganize them on my shelves.  I tell Will, “no touch” every time that he goes to them.  He has started pulling them a little forward on the shelf, then he stands there and bites the toes of the shoes.  I guess he figures that he is not “touching” them, which is what I tell him not to do, so he can’t get into trouble.  You’ve got to appreciate his creativity.  🙂  If he does pull them off, he tries to wear them.  He’ll walk around in my high heels or bring them to me to put on.  He has his favorites too.  He always pulls off the same ones, and they are shoes from different shelves not all on the ends.  He is too funny.

He has really gotten into wearing Jim’s slippers.  Jim has to have 2 pair of slippers because the ones he likes the best have black soles.  We’ve learned the hard way at the old house, that the black leaves marks on the carpet.  Since we just replaced the carpet in this house, I am not about to let Jim’s slippers leave marks!  So he wears them downstairs on the hardwoods and then has a pair with tan soles that he wears upstairs.  As a result, there is always a pair of slippers either at the top or bottom of the stairs.  Will finds them and tries to put them on and walk in them.  He has the general idea, but he openings are a little bit big because he ends up stepping right out of them.  Recently, I bought myself a new pair of shoes that Will found.  He has been trying to wear those too. 

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