Posted by: worldofwillwalton | March 17, 2011

Daytona Beach

**There is a lot left to Orlando, but it won’t be up until the end of next week.  You’ll understand why then, but until then, let’s move on to Daytona for a few days.**

After leaving Orlando, we drove the hour to Daytona Beach to stay for the rest of the week.  We were not impressed.  The town looked very run down and like it had seen its better day.  We learned from a local that it never recovered after Hurricane Charlie in 2004, which is pretty sad.  A lot of the restaurant and businesses seemed to be empty, and there were several beach front houses for sale.  We went to our hotel, which was supposed to be a resort with activities.  At check-in, we were told that they didn’t have cribs for use.  What!?!  I thought it was a joke!  They told us that they could give us the name of a rental company.  Too bad it was 5 pm, and I’m sure they were closed.  I was totally appalled!  We could have brought our own pack-in-play had we known.  I asked when making the reservations and was told it would be no problem.  Ultimately, I was so angry, I gave them back all of their information, and we left.  We drove down the street to another place.  It wasn’t quite as nice, but the rooms were big, even though they were just hotel rooms, but most importantly they had cribs to use.  I didn’t care that it wasn’t a resort with activities.  It was on the beach, so that was all we really wanted. 

The beach was nice.  When it was low tide, the beach was huge!  Not to mention it was empty!  There was hardly anyone on it, which made for great fun for Will to be able to just run anywhere and everywhere.  The only major negative of the actual beach was that there were TONS of jelly fish on the sand, which meant that there were even more in the water!  It made me happy that the water was too cold to actually go in.  Will played a lot in the sand and didn’t want to be in his stroller because all he wanted to do was get out and play.  He dug and learned to make sand castles.  Too bad his best skill was destroying sand castles. 

We did find a fantastic local place to eat . . . Charlie Horse.  If you do go to Daytona, it is a must eat!  It was excellent food for reasonable prices and is right off the main street that runs parallel with the water. 

Here are some videos of Will playing in the sand and running around.

jelly fish were everywhere!


On the way to dinner


Off for a morning stroll


Will loves to play in the sand


Helping daddy push the stroller


Time to chase the ducks


Nooooo! I'm not ready to go back! This is too much fun!


Daddy, I'm telling you something very important. Are you listening?




  1. Didn’t he just have the grandest time?!

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