Posted by: worldofwillwalton | March 15, 2011

Love the warm weather

The weather has been unusually warm for February, and we have been loving it.  Will loves to be outside, so we are spending time every day at the park in our new neighborhood and playing in the back yard.  There wasn’t a lot for Will to do in the back yard, so we had to go get sand for his sandbox.  He loves to dig in the sand.  We also filled up his water table.  I found another bike on craigslist.  This one can be used like a rocking horse or a big wheel with or without the ability for us to push him.  For now, we decided to set it up like a rocking horse until he gets a little bit bigger.  He was having so much fun playing outside that I actually got to sit in the Adirondack chair and read a magazine.  It was great!  (even though I only made it about 15 pages into the magazine; that is a lot further than I’ve ever gotten before.)  Will loves his “new” stuff.  Now we just need a swing set. 

Digging in the gutter


Playing in the sand box

Fun in the water table

riding his new bike/rocker

He loves to be King of the Castle!


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