Posted by: worldofwillwalton | March 13, 2011

1 year, 33 weeks old

Will is 85 weeks old.  As usual, we spent lots of time at the park this week. We had several rainy days, so we also spent lots of time in the house.  It was kind of a nice change of pace.  The weather has been so beautiful, that we don’t play inside too much anymore, so it was nice for me to get some things done while he played with his toys. 

Wednesday, we went back to the library for story time.  He had a good time dancing and shaking some maracas.  Too bad his favorite part of the whole thing is the stamp he gets on his hand at the end.  🙂  Later that day we went to Chick-fil-a for dinner, and then he had his first train ride.  We rode the train to uptown.  He LOVED it!  Totally worth the $7.  We went to the Bobcats vs. Bulls game.  This means that he has officially been to the top 4 professional sporting events (baseball, basketball, football, and hockey).  He did a pretty good job while we were there.  There were too girls in their 20s behind us that kept him pretty entertained.  We were too high up for him to really watch or get into the game, so it was more about the atmosphere for him. 

Well it didn’t take long for time outs to be a normal part of our day.  Tuesday Will was in time out 4 times.  The first 2 times were for taking his broom handle and holding it up and hitting all of the pictures on the wall with it.  The second 2 times were for climbing on the office counter.  He pretty much has at least 1 time in timeout every day.  He is staying in there for the full 90 seconds now.  I have to stand close by because if he can’t see me, he will get up and run away. 

Friday night, we went to our old neighbors house for dinner.  It was nice to see them again.  They have 3 boys, 8 year-old twins and a 6 year-old, and 2 dogs.  Needless to say, Will was in heaven at their house.  All the balls and trucks a boy could ever ask for!  We had a terrific dinner and wonderful company!  We do miss them.  When we left, we headed over to David’s because the rest of the LP crew was hanging out.  It was nice to see them again too.  Will had 2 more dogs to play with and a fish tank to look at.  He is definitely an animal lover!  At about 11:30, Will started to melt down a little . . . completely understandable, so we headed home.  It was a great night! 

Saturday, Will did wake up with a little rash on his face and stomach, so we think he had a reaction to the shrimp he had at dinner the night before. 😦  It is a shame, because he loved the shrimp as much as we do!

We spent the weekend putting together his new swing set.  Hopefully he loves it after the 9 hours it took 4 guys on Saturday and the 5 hours it took Jim and I on Sunday.  Ugh!!  It was dark before it was all together, so he hasn’t gotten to actually play on it yet.  In between his 2 naps, we had to go to Lowes to get some more supplies, and Jim showed it to him through the window.  As soon as he saw it, he went, “oh!” with a big smile on his face.  So hopefully that is a good sign. 

85 weeks old


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