Posted by: worldofwillwalton | March 7, 2011

Card Shark

We love to play poker, especially Jim, but both of us really enjoy it.  Periodically we get together with friends for a “friendly” tournament.  Actually Jim was at a friend’s playing when my water broke with Will.  He was winning until I called to tell him, then it all went down hill from there.  In mid-January, we went over to Matt and Jenny’s to play some.  They have 2 little girls, so it is a kid friendly house, which makes our lives easier.  Because they had so many toys and plenty of kids to keep Will interested, both of us were able to play.  Will was a trooper and stayed up the entire night, long after the other kids all crashed.  Jim ended up winning and I came in 3rd, so we didn’t leave until about midnight.  I couldn’t believe that Will was still running around playing and not even grumpy!  He is such a good boy.  But you know that he was asleep before we could even back out of their driveway!  🙂 

All the kids were having fun "riding" around

Violet was ready to take over her dad's seat

Will didn't care that they were girl toys. He had a blast.


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