Posted by: worldofwillwalton | March 2, 2011

Libraries are fun!

We meet up with my friend Trish and her son Rich pretty much once a month.  Every now and then Trish has to work on a Saturday, and when she does, she has that Friday off.  We enjoy hanging out and the boys love to play together.  Trish and I have been friends since high school, and we love having her in Charlotte.  She found a library in uptown that has a reading group on Fridays.  It is the coolest library that I’ve ever been too.  It has a play area for toddlers, several other smaller play stations, a dress-up area, a play area for school age kids, and even an area just for teens.  The whole place is geared towards kids.  So we can go to the reading group, which only lasts about 20-minutes . . . toddlers can’t handle any longer, but then we can hang out and play in the play area afterwards.  It makes for a great play date.  We’ve been several times and love it. 

Trish was leading the boys while I had the strollers.

The boys playing on the train table

Riding in the life-size train

Will took Rich's spot on Trish's lap during reading time.


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