Posted by: worldofwillwalton | March 1, 2011

Santa Sally

Will’s favorite lady Sally was so sweet and bought him a racing set for Christmas.  He loves it! At first, he only could push the button to start the race, but after a little bit of practice, he can now set the cars up himself.  Sometimes he’ll pick the whole thing up and put it in your lap if he wants you to play with it.  Will always has a blast when Sally comes to visit.  She is so much fun!

"I love presents!"

Hurry, open the box!

I'm ready to push the button

Sally, will you play with me?

My new hat

You can wear the hat too.

He likes Sally so much that he shares his Cheerios with her 🙂



  1. I wondered where he got that from, he LOVES it! We played with it every day and you are right, he has become very proficient at putting the cars on their ramps and in the right direction! I sat it up on that container of floor puzzle so the cars would fly in the air to the floor and he laughed and laughed. That toy is a BIG hit, Sally you did well in picking that out!!

  2. Thanks Dee Dee!! I’m glad he is enjoying it. Sounds like you two had a good time while Jim and Shannon were soaking up the sun 😉

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