Posted by: worldofwillwalton | February 24, 2011


Will doesn’t like to wear his own shoes and hates to wear socks.  The minute you put them on him, he pulls them off.  Gran and Pap sent him a pair of adorable Steelers slippers, but he won’t keep them on.  He did start to wear a pair of Connor’s slippers for a while, but has gone back to pulling them off as soon as you put them on too.  I’m hoping that this is a phase that he’ll grow out of.  He loves our shoes though.  We keep all of our shoes in either the downstairs closet or our closet on shelves.  When he’s playing in our room while we shower and get ready, he likes to play with my shoes.  I am trying to teach him that they are off limits because I really hate having to pick up all of my shoes and reorganize them on my shelves.  I tell Will, “no touch” every time that he goes to them.  He has started pulling them a little forward on the shelf, then he stands there and bites the toes of the shoes.  I guess he figures that he is not “touching” them, which is what I tell him not to do, so he can’t get into trouble.  You’ve got to appreciate his creativity.  🙂  If he does pull them off, he tries to wear them.  He’ll walk around in my high heels or bring them to me to put on.  He has his favorites too.  He always pulls off the same ones, and they are shoes from different shelves not all on the ends.  He is too funny.

He has really gotten into wearing Jim’s slippers.  Jim has to have 2 pair of slippers because the ones he likes the best have black soles.  We’ve learned the hard way at the old house, that the black leaves marks on the carpet.  Since we just replaced the carpet in this house, I am not about to let Jim’s slippers leave marks!  So he wears them downstairs on the hardwoods and then has a pair with tan soles that he wears upstairs.  As a result, there is always a pair of slippers either at the top or bottom of the stairs.  Will finds them and tries to put them on and walk in them.  He has the general idea, but he openings are a little bit big because he ends up stepping right out of them.  Recently, I bought myself a new pair of shoes that Will found.  He has been trying to wear those too. 


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