Posted by: worldofwillwalton | February 21, 2011

Starting him early

Will is such a big helper . . . if only this would last into his teens.  🙂  He helps pick up his Cheerios off of the ground (that he dumped out).  He’ll take a rag that is waiting to be folded from laundry and start “wiping” the floors, walls, furniture.  He loves to sweep so much that I had to buy him his own broom and dust pan.  He also loves the vacuums.  Grandaddy gave us a little electric sweeper, and Will knows how to turn it on and off.  He’ll turn it on, vacuum all around the downstairs, then turn it off.  He also loves to use the dust buster.  It is a little heavy, but he still carries it around.  His fingers aren’t quite strong enough to turn it on and off yet, so I still have to help with that. 

Helping me pull the clothes out of the dryer.

After I took the clothes upstairs, I came down to find this . . . "Mom, I was just checking to make sure that we didn't leave anything in here."


  1. Okay, no one else is going to say this, but holy crap Shannon, do you know how dangerous that was for him to have crawled in the dryer?!!! Please close the door the next time, before he gets in and closes the door and suffocates! Good Grief! But I do love him cleaning behind the sofa, too cute! You know I love you and think you are a GREAT mother, I am just being a grandmother!

  2. These videos are so funny, what a good helper he is 🙂

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