Posted by: worldofwillwalton | February 21, 2011

1 year 29-30 weeks old

Will is now 82 weeks old.  It has been 2 weeks since the last post because we were in Los Cabos last week.  This has been a fun 2 weeks for Will.  Dee-Dee came out keep Will for the week that I was in Mexico.  They had a blast together!  There were trips to the mall, Chick-fil-a, and shopping, as well as lots of walks and outside time.  No surprise that Will didn’t miss Jim or I at all.  He was having too much fun!  In all fairness, we missed him, but not enough to want to come home!  We were also having too much fun!  🙂  Thank you so much Dee-Dee for using your vacation to come out and take care of our little monkey!  We know he is a handful, but luckily he is cute enough to make up for it! 

Some new things that he’s started recently.  He has started covering up his mouth when he laughs.  Like, “hehehe.”  He has also started hanging out a little bit more in the evenings.  He’ll sit on our laps and watch his favorite channel Sprout!  Another thing that has become a favorite to do, is drag you around by your finger.  If he wants you to go somewhere, he is relentless about grabbing your finger and pulling you to where he wants you to go.  Once he gets you to where he wants you, he’ll pull your finger straight down to the ground, as if telling you, “sit down here.” 

Unfortunately, his diaper rash is back in full force.  We’re following the same techniques (minus the antibiotic) that temporarily cured it before.  I’m afraid that he is going to be dealing with this until he is potty trained, and he is no where even close to being ready for that.

81 weeks old

82 weeks old



  1. Boy oh boy did we have fun!!! I just love that little fellow sooooo much and he is such a hoot! He kept me laughing alot! Go away anytime you want, I LOVE keeping him!!!!

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