Posted by: worldofwillwalton | February 17, 2011

Snow Days

Late on Christmas night it started snowing in Charlotte.  Charlotte has only seen a white Christmas twice before this year; in 1880 and 1947.  Needless to say, this was a pretty big deal.  It snowed all night and into the 26th.  By the time the team rolled out of bed Sunday morning, there were a solid 3 inches on the ground.  I know, haha, 3 inches!  But for Charlotte that is a big deal.  By the time we did make it out of bed, there was just enough time for Will to eat breakfast and get dressed before he went down for his first nap.  We decided that when he woke up, we’d all venture outside.  He has certainly been in snow before, but all of the times were before he could walk and really appreciate it.   We were pretty excited to see him actually get to explore what snow is. 

 He has a hat, coat, and gloves, but we were concerned about his legs and feet.  We knew that the wetness of the melting snow (because it doesn’t last long around here) would soak right through his clothes.  We decided to put pants and socks on him, then we put plastic bags over his feet and then a second pair of socks over them.  Over his pants, we wrapped his legs with plastic wrap and then put a second pair of pants on.  So when the water soaked through, it would be blocked by the plastic, leaving his inner layer dry. 

We went out front and he immediately started exploring.  It was PERFECT snowball snow, so Jim was throwing snowballs at him.  He would pick them up and try to throw them back or bring them to us for us to throw again.  We went around back, and he played all over.  It was almost like he didn’t know what to do with all of the snow.  He ran around and pushed it off of his toys.  It kept sticking to his gloves, so he was constantly trying to get it off of them.  We built a snowman.  Then, as with everything else, he tried to eat it.  We let him and enjoyed watching the faces he made.  We took some video of him eating it. 

Then 2 days before we left for Florida, we had another snow storm.  This time it snowed for 13 straight hours, followed by sleet and ice for another 19 hours.  Charlotte is NOT equipped for any sort of bad weather.  We don’t have snow plows and just rely on a salt/brine mixture to treat the roads.  Jim had to close his office both Monday and Tuesday and worked off of a 3 hour delay on Wednesday.  We LOVED having him home for some snow day fun!  Monday we went sledding with the neighbors and just enjoyed a cozy day.   Tuesday, since everything was now coated with a thick layer of ice, it wasn’t good to play in or sled in.    We stayed inside all day.  It was nice to have an extended weekend!

Jim had to get the snow off of the gazebo

Will was taking it all in

Time to go around back

Seeing if the Cozy Coupe has snow tires

Putting the final touches on his snow man

working hard

Final product

Time to eat it

It tastes good

Time for an after snow snack . . . double fisting the Cheerios

Sleding fun!

Ready to go

How do I get up??

This driveway isn't very steep; how do I get moving?

Oh, this is fun now! Thanks dad!


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