Posted by: worldofwillwalton | February 8, 2011

I am a tree hugger

I thought that this was timely since we’re leaving for Cabo early tomorrow morning.  🙂

 My father calls me a hippy, and yes, I do try to hug all of Mother Earth’s beautiful trees!  I can’t help it . . . I love the beauty that abounds and want my son and future children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren to be able to see all of the beautiful places and things that I have been so privileged to see.  So I am urging you and challenging you . . . if you go to a beach this summer, or any other time of the year, please take 5 minutes each day that you are there to pick up trash.  The trash, plastic, cigarette butts, etc. that are on the beach not only pollute our oceans and kill our marine life, but also are a hazard for all of the kids that want to enjoy the beaches.  I thought that Daytona looked like a clean beach, until I really started looking.  Will found a golf tee, and Jim took it from him so he wouldn’t eat it.  While I was walking it to the trash can, I decided that I would pick up any trash that I saw along the way.  I probably picked up 50 cigarette butts in the 10 feet, not to mention several pieces of plastic and styrofoam.  After finding all of those things, I decided to spend 15 minutes just picking up trash while Will ran around.  I couldn’t get over all of the trash that was actually on the beach when I really started looking.  It was very disappointing.  There were trash cans every few hundred feet on the beach.  Why liter?  Instead of question and complain about why people do what they do; let’s do something about it.  Even if you just make it a goal to pick up ONE piece of trash.  Imagine if everyone did that!  Even if you don’t care about our marine life, think about your kids or grandkids, or niece and nephews, or friends.   I don’t want my son picking up and eating someone elses dead cigarette butt.  By the way, don’t people realize it is 2011 and smoking KILLS you!  But that is another issue, and I have my own bad habits; so I am not going to judge!  🙂  I’ll get off of my soap box now, but please . . . think about it and pick up some trash the next time you are at the beach . . . or park . . . or anywhere that you see some trash.  We have a responsibility to our environment.

Thankfully Daytona wasn’t that bad, but if we don’t do something it could be.  😦


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