Posted by: worldofwillwalton | February 6, 2011

1 year, 28 weeks

Will is 80 weeks old!  This was somewhat of an uneventful week.  It started off with another horrible diaper rash flare up.  Will would get so upset during changes because of the pain that he would literally shake.  It was awful.  Thankfully, we used the method that worked before and after several days, it healed up.  As a result, we have also stopped bathing him in bleach and salt water.  We are going back to plain old tap!  🙂  If we have future flare ups, we’ll return to the bleach, but for now, we’re done.  We also discontinued the use of the bath seat.  He is big enough to sit on his own and understand when he is told to sit down.  He enjoys scooting around the tub after his toys. 

We’ve also added flavor to his veggies.  He is starting to turn his nose up to plain steamed veggies at all meals, so I decided to spice it up.  I now add 2 tablespoons of spaghetti sauce to the veggies.  It gives them some color and flavor, so he eats them up! 

We went back to the library Wednesday for the reading group and actually made it in this time!  Will had fun, and I think it is definitely something that we will make a weekly appearance at.  Hey, you can’t beat free and close to home!!  While we were waiting for the group to start, I was looking for some books.  I thought that we were going to get kicked out!  One of the walls of the library is full of windows, and Will stood in them yelling, “truck, truck” every time that he saw a truck drive by.  I know the people that were there reading hated us because he is not quiet!  Oops!  Later that day, Will played outside.  Before I realized how muddy it was because of all of the rain that we’ve had.  His first step off of the patio, he fell face first in the mud and was covered from head to toe!  We played outside for a long time with him only getting muddier and muddier.  When it was time to go inside, I refused to pick him up.  I had on a white sweater, and he was covered in red mud!  He fell on the sidewalk and was crying, so I stripped him down to his socks and diaper in the front yard before I would pick him up.  I felt bad, but he was filthy!  Later that night, we went to the mall for some special bubbles.  While we were there, we grabbed dinner and some play time.  It is always a good time!

Thursday, I had a doctor’s appointment, so Jim took Will to run some errands.  Too bad my doctor was running super late, and almost 2 hours later, I finally emerged.  Jim and Will had ended up just hanging out in the car in the parking lot for at least an hour because he didn’t know it was going to take that long.  Bermp!

Friday, we were up super early to head to my friend’s house.  She had something to do, so I went over to her house so the boys could play together while she got somethings done.  The boys love to play together and were really cute.  She actually picked me up from car dealership, so I could get an oil change while we were at her house.  So I put our carseat in her van.  Driving back and forth, the boys had such a blast playing in the back seat.  It was like a contest to see who could rock their carseat more.  They were laughing and rocking away.  It was really fun to watch. 

Saturday, we went to an open house at the Little Gym.  Will had a blast playing with all of the stuff.  He walked across the balance beam at least a hundred times, hung from the parallel bars, climbed up the wedges, threw the balls, ran around, danced, and had a blast!  It was such a good time.  If we can work it into the budget, we’re going to sign him up for classes.  He really would benefit a lot from doing something like that on a regular basis.

80 weeks old


How Will felt after the Super Bowl. 😦



  1. I felt the same way!

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