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1 year, 27 weeks and 18 months

Will is now 79 weeks old and officially a year and a half.  I can’t believe my baby is growing up so fast.  He is officially starting his “terrible 2s.”  I was hoping for that not to hit at all, much less 6 months early.  He has always been Mr. Independent, but it is to a whole new level.  He doesn’t want your help with anything, which is a problem because he is still too little to do a lot of the things by himself.  There are times that he accepts that he just can’t do something, and he’ll come and grab your finger and drag you over to help him.  The biggest problem is that it is his way or no way.  Umm . . . I wonder where he gets that from??  There is a rumor that there is sever stubbornness on BOTH sides of his family.  I don’t think it is true because I am certainly not stubborn, but that is the rumor going around.  🙂  If Will doesn’t get his way he screams and cries and throws a huge temper tantrum.  We still employ the tactic of ignoring him.  It works pretty well, so most of his tantrums are very short.  

He loves to sit on the chairs at the kitchen table.  The problem is that he doesn’t just sit anywhere, he stands, climbs, jumps, and anything else that he can think of.  The night of the ACF Championship game, he fell off the chair.  He didn’t hurt himself, but that is what we are afraid of.  So now we don’t let him up on the chairs at all. 

We thought that he was getting a little bit shy around some strangers, but someone told us that they didn’t think he was being shy, they thought that he was flirting.  After thinking back to all of the times that he was “shy,” we realized that it was always around women.  I think they were right that it is his way of flirting.  He gets a little smirk on his face and sort of turns away.  The kid is a riot!  🙂

His appetite has dropped off a little bit, so he is eating much less at each meal.  Not to mention he is becoming much more picky.  It is part of asserting his independence.  When he doesn’t like his food, he’ll do the “more” sign language symbol to indicate that he wants more good stuff, not the veggies he has in front of him. 

He had another little cold this week.  It was VERY minor; I didn’t even break out the humidifier for this one.  He had a runny nose one day and a little bit of sneezing.  A couple of days his voice was a little bit horse, but it doesn’t seem to have affected him at all.  After a couple of late nights this past weekend (poker and football), he slept in a bunch in the morning that I reaped the benefits!  🙂 By Saturday he was back to waking up around 9:15.  We referred to it as the Cochese Syndrome.  Cochese used to have different rules for Jim and I, and on weekends, he would always come out from underneath the covers earlier than we wanted to be awake.  He would lick Jim in the face and want Jim to pet him.  Ultimately, Jim would get up with him and leave me to sleep.  During the times that I was home and for some reason Jim wasn’t, whether it be during the summer weekdays or if Jim was traveling, Cochese would always sleep in later than me.  He would stay in bed until about noon, then jump down wanting me to let him outside to pee, then he would get back in bed by himself.  Jim was always so jealous that he didn’t do that on the weekends.  We think Will is the same way since this whole week he slept in until 10:15-10:30 until the weekend when Jim was around.  I guess both boys just want to spend as much time as possible with their daddy!  🙂

The library has a reading group for 2-year-olds on Wednesdays, so we tried to go this week, but we went to the wrong spot and by the time we figured out where we were supposed to be, the class was full . . . fail!  We’ll try again next week.  🙂  Wednesday night, Jim and Will had father/son bonding while I headed out to dinner with Sally.  It was very nice to have some girl time!

Thursday, we went to the doctor for Will’s 18 month check-up.  He weighed in at 25.8 lbs (50%tile), which is where he was the last time.   His height was 31.75 in, which is the 30th percentile, again the same as last time.  So all is good.  The doctor said that he was “perfect.”  But we all knew that already.  🙂  hehe!  He finished his oral prescription for antibiotics the night before the appointment for his diaper rash.  After a minor flare up this past weekend, his butt has been back to healing nicely.  The doctor made notes of all of the things that the dermatologist did for him, and then he looked at it.  He said it looked pretty good.  I told him that I was worried about all of the scars sticking around, and he said that after it totally heals, that I can use mederma for several months and the scars should lessen.  That is good news because the scars right now are everywhere, so it would be nice to have less permanent ones!   He had 2 shots, some vaccine and then the second dose of the flu shot.  He almost didn’t even cry this time.  Usually it is the open mouth, no sound for several seconds, horrible screaming.  This time after the second shot he gave his fake cry for about 5 seconds and then stopped.  Jim and I were both shocked that that was it.  He did such a good job!!  Later that day I was changing his diaper and one of his bandaids had come off.  He picked it up and was trying to put it back on his leg like the nurse did.  He knew exactly how to use it.

This weekend was BEAUTIFUL!  The weather was in the upper 60s all weekend; too bad it is supposed to get cold again this week.  But, we enjoyed it anyways.  We went to the park both days.  We have a huge playground in our neighborhood.  It was great.  It still is a little bit too big for Will with a lot of open spaces that he could fall off of.  But we followed him closely, and he had a BLAST!  He swung, played in the sand box, went down the slides, crossed the bridge, climbed through the tubes, and climbed up on the chairs.  Not to mention, he made lots of friends with other little kids.  He had so much fun that he would cry every time we had to leave.  That is part of why we wanted to move to this neighborhood.  It really seems very kid friendly.  Our old neighborhood was okay, but most of the kids seemed to be older.  Days like the past 2 really reinforced why we made the best decision ever to move!  We love our new ‘hood!  😉

Saturday night, we met our favorite LP-ians (friends from our old neighborhood) at our favorite restaurant.  It was great to catch up with them while enjoying some delicious food!  David and Leslie had been to the circus before meeting us, and Leslie had a clown nose that she put on for Will.  It scared him!  He climbed in Jim’s lap and refused to look at her.  Even after she took it off, he stayed away.   Finally towards the end of dinner, he started warming up to her.  She even let him wear the nose!  I wish I had gotten pictures.

79 weeks old



  1. WHO told you that you were stubborn?!!!!!!! Not you!

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