Posted by: worldofwillwalton | January 27, 2011

Fun, busy days!

We had to take Will to the dermatologist for his butt in mid-December.  We had to wake him up at 8 am, which is at least an hour earlier than he normally wakes up.  The team headed out to the doctor’s office.  While waiting Will entertained himself.  He found a poster of Brooke Shields that he was taken with.  He carried it all around the office.  Once we were in the room waiting for the doctor, he figured out that the table had stirrups that pulled out.  He pulled them out, pushed them in, pulled them out, pushed them in . . . over and over!  Clearly, he is not female.  🙂  Leaving the doctor’s office  in between our cars (we drove separately so that Jim could go to work) someone had a taken a poop.  There was runny poop complete with used toilet paper right there on the curb.  YUCK!!  Clearly someone had an emergency . . . and we were just glad it wasn’t either of us.  🙂 

After the doctor, Will and I ran some errands to get stuff for the laundry room, and then we headed to the JumpE place to meet our friend Christi and her little boy Will.  Before I could even pay to get into the JumpE place, my Will took off to go play!  He LOVED it!!  He loves to climb and play anywhere, so this was right up his alley!!  He climbed up the steps, went down the steps, climbed back up the steps, and went down the slide hundreds of times.  He jumped in the bounce houses, swung on the swing, played with the balls, and ran around.  With all of the fun, his favorite part was the table and chairs.  He kept running over to the snack table and climbing up in the chairs.  He is a goofball . . . or as Peyton would say, he is a cotton ball.  🙂 

After the Wills had both had enough fun, we headed over to Chick-Fil-A for some yummy lunch.  The employees at Chick-Fil-A really are so kind.  Because I have to carry Will, they carry my tray to the table.   They went and got high chairs for both Christi and I.  They even put down little plastic place mats for the boys!  While we were eating, they came and refilled our drinks and took our trash.  I know Chick-Fil-A is a little bit more expensive, but the service is so worth it!!  We love them.  🙂 

We didn’t get back to the house until 1:30, and Will had not had a single nap.  😦  Of course he still took 2 naps because it doesn’t matter how late it is, the poor boy was tired.  Even after he woke up from the second nap, he was exhausted.  Between getting up early, being up for a long stretch, and lots of running around, he was worn out.  He sat in the recliner with me eating some Cheerios and drinking some milk.  The next thing we knew, he was staring off into space, and then fell asleep again.  He hasn’t taken 3 naps in a long time, but clearly he needed it.  He slept for another hour just next to me in the recliner.  Poor little guy!  What a fun day!

Carrying his Brooke poster.

Playing with the stirrups

Climbing up the steps

Coming down the slide

Playing on the table and chair

Throwing a temper tantrum after I made him get off the chair to go play

swinging fun

in the bounce house

He finally figured out how to bounce himself

Just a couple of Will's hanging out having a drink

Christi showing big Will how to climb on the rock wall

Big Will playing ball

Little Will was going the wrong way! 🙂

top of the slide

Christi and Will went down together. My Will wanted nothing to do with me helping him . . . Mr. Independent

time to slide again

Big Will wanted to go alone too

3rd nap of the day. Dude was exhausted! It was a fun day!!

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