Posted by: worldofwillwalton | January 25, 2011

LP Christmas

The team headed back to the LP for the annual Christmas party.  This year it was an ugly Christmas sweater party.  It is a shame that there wasn’t an award for the worst sweater, because I would have won, hands down!  Will had a blast running around and seeing all of the people.  We were slightly concerned since he was the only kid there and the house wasn’t baby-proofed, but there were so many people that he stayed entertained.  He learned to surf on Tom’s surfboard table; he was mesmerized by the fish in the tanks; he smelled the “flowers” on the Christmas tree; he danced to the music; he turned up and down the volume by pushing the buttons on the iPod dock; he ran around on the deck; he climbed on the coolers; he ate his dinner; he pulled the fuzzy decorations and frill off of people’s sweaters; he wanted lots of people to pick him up.  All in all he had a great time!  We didn’t leave until close to 11, so we were slightly afraid of a meltdown, but he did great; although, he was asleep before we could even get out of the neighborhood. 

On the way to the LP . . . had to stop at McDonalds to get some extra food. 🙂

Will was surfing!

He stood and watched the fish for what seemed like hours in Will time.


The team!

The LP girls

The LP boys

Man, we have some ugly sweaters!

Our favorite LP boys

Will had a great time! For being way past his bed time, he did fantastic!


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