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1 year, 25-26 weeks

Will is now 78 weeks old.  It has been 2 weeks since we were in Florida for Will turning 77 weeks.  Will started off the 2 weeks still not feeling well.  His little cold was going strong.  Boo!  He is such a little trooper that when he is fussy, we know it is for a reason.  Since it was making it hard for him to nap, his tiredness was not helping his demeanor.  By mid-week, he seemed to be over it though. 

It started snowing in Charlotte at 3am Monday morning and didn’t stop until 4pm when it turned to freezing rain until 11am Tuesday.  Our city is NOT equipped for any sort of bad weather.  We don’t have snow plows and just rely on a salt/brine mixture to treat the roads.  Needless to say, Jim had to close his office both Monday and Tuesday and worked off of a 3 hour delay on Wednesday.  We LOVED having him home for some snow day fun!  Monday we went sledding with the neighbors and just enjoyed a cozy day.  Will and I took a bubble bath that night.  It was great.  Tuesday, since everything was now coated with a thick layer of ice, it wasn’t good to play in or sled in.  😦  We stayed inside all day.  It was nice to have an extended weekend!

Obviously, we were supposed to leave for Orlando early Tuesday morning, but because of the ice, we delayed our trip one day.  Truly instead of losing a day of vacation, it was like we got 2 extra days since we were snowed in. 

Over the weekend, we noticed that Will was chewing on the inside of his mouth.  Then Monday I kept finding blood on his sheets, my shoulder, and his blankets.  Randomly he would start screaming crying.  That is so not like him, so we figured he had bitten his lip.  He finally let me look at the inside of his mouth . . . well he was screaming and I was able to finally see in there.  The entire side of his mouth was chewed up and raw.  Tuesday was really bad, he just kept biting it and screaming.  I called the doctor, and they said all I could do for it was swab it with salt water.  As you can imagine, that went over well.  Picture it, Jim holding him down while I shove a cotton ball soaked in salt water in his mouth to rub on the side of it.  Needless to say he didn’t like it.  😦  The next day it seemed to be much better.  The doctor told us that the inside of your mouth starts to heal within 45 minutes of an injury.  Fun facts to know and tell your neighbor.  🙂

Will started really blowing kisses this week.  He does a great job and sometimes just blows them to strangers as we walk around.  🙂  Speaking of strangers, he loves to meet new people.  Sometimes he acts shy and just smirks and turns away, and sometimes he walks right up to people, grabs their finger and takes them away or walks over to them with his arms up to be picked up.  Sometimes when we are holding him, he leans over to a stranger for them to hold him.  On the beach, he would stop people and give them his toys and pull their finger until they would bend over and play in the sand with him.  He is quite a friendly and personable little guy. 

We had a good trip down to Florida.  No problems due to the snow, and Will did great in the car.  We changed hotels 3 times throughout our trip.   The first one was actually nice, but didn’t have activities like most of the resorts we stay at do.  Jim’s company was paying for it, so free made it better!  It was a 2 bedroom suite, which was very nice to have separate bedrooms for us and Will and a living area with full kitchen.  Don’t worry, by the end of the 5 days we stayed there, it was sufficiently trashed with Cheerio crumbs.  😦 

Will and I spent the first few days alone, as Jim had to work at the trade show.  It wasn’t bad though, he didn’t have to be there until 10:30ish and was back by 5.  Will and I went to a jump place to bounce around on, a play ground, lots of McDonalds, Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and Green Meadows Petting Zoo.  We had a TON of fun!!  The only thing that could have made it better would have been to have Jim with us. They were long days, and we were both exhausted at the end of the night.  Saturday started our real vacation . . . and a Steeler’s victory was quite the way to start us off.  🙂  We changed to a much bigger resort that had a harbor, 3 pools, paddle boats, mini golf, 2 play grounds, shuffle board, and tons of other activities.  We had a ton of fun while we were there and the weather warmed up to a sunny 75 for a few days.  We played at the playgrounds and at the pool for hours.  We went back to Disney for Animal Kingdom.  It was great!  We left Orlando and headed to Daytona Beach.  Add it to the list of places I never need to go back to.  🙂  Don’t get me wrong, the beach was beautiful and completely empty!  There is nothing better than to have a beach to yourself.  Our hotel was nice, but nothing super fancy, but it was right on the beach, which is always a plus.  The town itself just seems run down.  We talked to some locals that we met one day feeding the birds on the beach, and they said that Daytona had never recovered from Hurricane Charlie in 2004.  It is a shame.  But we had a great time while we were there.  It was in the mid-60s, so too cold to go in the water, but pleasant.  We were sad to come home, but excited for the game on Sunday!

Will has added lots of words to his vocabulary . . . his most common ones are:  dada, momma, hot, hat, duck, truck, hi, hello, bubble, cheese . . . and he tries to say bye-bye, baby, flag, socks, vitamins, and shoes but you have to use context clues because they sort of sound like dada or that.  One of our favorite things that he does is sometimes when he wants to tell you something, he’ll get really close to your face and start talking.  I mean really close.  He did it to a little boy he was playing with in the pool one day.  The kid physically moved back.  It was funny. 

We missed our appointment with the dermatologist on the 10th because of the snow in Charlotte.  I called and asked them to refill his prescription for antibiotics.  I felt like they were helping, but he needed them a little bit longer.  I didn’t think that they would because our pediatrician was already unhappy that we were giving them to him.  They are strong antibiotics, and doctors don’t like to give any antibiotics to toddlers.  But 4 months now of the worst diaper rash imaginable is long enough.  🙂  To my surprise they did refill it.  I am happy to report that his butt is looking MUCH better.  I think that he may have some scars from some of the open sores that were there, but all of them seem to be healing.  We are still using both prescriptions, but they’ll be done soon.  Only time will tell if after we stop using them, if his butt will continue on its current path to healing.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Saturday night we went over to Matt and Jenny’s to play some poker.  It was a lot of fun and with all of the kids and the different toys, Will was in heaven!  So much so that Jim and I were both able to play.  I came in third, and Jim won!  Yeah!  It was an early night by poker standards, but still very late for Will since he played until we left at midnight.  No surprise he fell asleep within minutes of being in the car and thankfully slept until 10 the next morning to give us all a break. 🙂

Sunday night we had one of Jim’s employees over for the game.  He was in town for the week and a Steelers fan, so he came to watch with us.  Two weeks in a row of the “tale of two halves,” but thankfully we came out victorious in both games.  Wow!  We would have never thought another trip to the super bowl!  Unfortunately, we don’t think we’ll be able to make the trip to Dallas this year because we leave for Mexico two days later, but we’ll check flights just in case we can swing it!  🙂  Here we go . . .

77 weeks old on location in Orlando

78 weeks old



  1. Dang, he is so darn CUTE!!!! Boy, I love that little fellow! So glad that his bottom is doing better, I’m praying for a complete healing! Love you and so glad you had such a good time, but glad you are home!

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