Posted by: worldofwillwalton | January 12, 2011

Holding Hands

For awhile now, when Will and I have been out and about, I’ve tried to hold his hand.  More than anything it is often to guide him to where I want him to go.  Mr. Independent has wanted NOTHING to do with it.  He drops to his knees crying and refuses to go anywhere with me holding his hand.  A total temper tantrum.  Recently, we were in Home Depot, and I thought that I only needed one thing, so I didn’t get a cart.  Big mistake!  I can never go to HD or Lowes and only buy one thing.  An arm full later, I couldn’t carry both Will and all of my purchases, so I let him walk.  Of course, he took off running.  I had to drop all of my stuff in the middle of the aisle (including my purse) and chase after him calling his name.  As I rounded the corner, one of the employees was pointing down to where he was for me.  🙂  Oops.  I could have easily found him by following the trail of Cheerios that he left.  Anyway, I carried him back to my stuff, put him down, picked up my things, and started for the check out.  I was trying to hold his had, but he kept dropping to his knees.  I was trying to drag him up to his feet and through the store.  Clearly, I looked like I was INSANE and DESPERATE for some help.  So much so, that I passed a woman with an empty cart, that asked if I wanted it because she could just go back and get another.  I didn’t know whether to kiss her or cry!  🙂   Lesson learned . . . always get a cart.  But I digress.  The point of bringing this disastrous story up was that by the end of this week, I  held Will’s hand a couple of times, and he actually let me.  Once he even walked over to me and reached up to grab my hand!  The next day, he held Jim’s hand and then they practiced walking through the house holding hands.  It was ADORABLE!!!



  1. OMG, he is soooooo you at that age, Shannon! You did it when you were ready and not a minute before!!!!

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