Posted by: worldofwillwalton | January 9, 2011

1 year 24 weeks old

Will is 76 weeks old.   We had a lot of fun this week.  Tuesday our neighbor, Shannon and her 15 month old daughter, Kaitlyn, came over for a playdate.  The kids had a blast together.  Will took her straight into his playroom when she arrived.  He shook her hand, gave her a hug, and even fed her Cheerios all unprovoked.   It was really cute.  He really liked Shannon too; he kept wanting her to hold him and sit in her lap and read books.  We’ll definitely have to do it again soon.  The weather warmed up a little, so we also got to spend a few days playing outside.  Will is getting much more opinionated and one of the things he has strong feelings about is going outside.  He’ll go to the back door and try to open it by himself.  He loves to play outside.  Unfortunately, we have MUCH more mud than we do grass/weeds, so Will ends up COVERED head to toe in mud after we play.  Literally, I have to take him straight into the laundry room and strip him down before he can enter the rest of the house.  Finally, I started making him wear his rain boots, because I was tired of cleaning his only pair of shoes.  The kids next door usually play outside just before dinner time.  Will sees them out the kitchen window and starts banging on the window to get their attention.  Then he runs and gets me and takes me over there to let him outside.  He loves to play with them. . . . or follow them around and play with their stuff.  🙂  Friday, we went back to the Imaginon with Trish and Rich.  Once again it was great to be there for boogie woogie books . . . story time to music, and then to play with all of their toys afterwards.  It is nice when Trish has Fridays off so that we can get together and let the boys play. 

Will started really drinking water this week.  Up until now, it was all milk in sippy cups.  Then last week, we had to add some cranberry juice/water dilute to help his diaper rash.  This week I decided to add water to his diet.  He loves to drink out of, use, and play with straws, so I bought him some sippy cups with straws.  The first day that I gave it to him, he thought that it was super cool.  Not only did it have a straw, but also the ice made noise when he shook it.  It was like I gave him the best prize ever.  Now he carries all 3 cups around with him everywhere.

One day this week I wasn’t feeling well so I decided to take a bath in the jetted tub.  Since Will’s diaper rash is still bad, and he had woken up early from his nap, I decided to use some Aveeno Oatmeal bath in the tub and both of us took a bath together.  He loved the bubbles that the jets made.  We were probably in there for 30-45 minutes playing.  It was a lot of fun.  After we were out and I was cleaning up, I was throwing away the box of Aveeno.  It had an EXPIRATION date of 02-10-86 . . . as in 1986 . . . as in I was 8 when it expired . . . so when was it bought because I’m sure something like that doesn’t expire for years.  So probably it was bought for when I was a baby.  My dad always gives me a hard time about having stuff that has expired, but even I must admit that this is an all new low!  🙂  Neither of us turned green afterwards, so I figure that it may not have had the healing properties any more, but it probably wasn’t harmful.  🙂  I guess when we each grow an extra appendage, we’ll find out for sure.  🙂

Unfortunately at the end of the week, Will got a little cold.  We are so lucky that he has been so healthy.  A few little colds are no big deal.  It started very subtly Thursday, but by Friday he was terribly congested.  As a result, he was not sleeping well, neither at night nor for naps.  At least at night he’d fall back to sleep after a little crying.  Unfortunately, if he wakes up early from a nap, he doesn’t go back to sleep.  Hopefully the little booger will be back to feeling top notch soon; although, the colds don’t really seem to affect him.  He clearly has a hard time breathing because of the congestion, but he plays wants to have fun just like any other day.  🙂 

This week Will also started doing a better job of jumping.  Before now, his jumping meant that he would bend his knees and squat.  Now he can actually sort of get his feet off of the ground.  He is hilarious to watch.  He also really likes sitting at the kitchen table.  He will grab your hand and drag you over to the kitchen table wanting you to put him up in one of the chairs.  He sits in the chair and plays with the Christmas cards.  He talks to them and sorts them.  He’ll eat some Cheerios and stand in the chair.  Sometimes he’ll get down and pull on you to get up out of your seat only to then want you to put him in the seat that you were just sitting in.  He is such a nut.  😉

We are leaving for Florida early tomorrow morning.  If I can remember, I’ll still put up one more post, but we’ll be gone through the 22nd, so we’ll be out of commission for the next 2 weeks.  We’re headed to Orlando for the first week, then finishing up our trip in Daytona Beach.

76 weeks old

76 weeks old

You can tell he wasn’t feeling well because he is still in his pjs!  I always get him dressed prior to his first nap.  He has maybe spent 3 days his entire life just in his pjs all day . . . and today was one of them.  Now me on the other hand . . . 🙂


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