Posted by: worldofwillwalton | January 4, 2011

Richmond canceled :(

The third weekend in November, the team was supposed to head to Richmond.   Christie was flying down, and we were going to spend the weekend with Denise.  Jim was taking Will to see Uncle Bill on Saturday, so that I could have a kid-free girls day.  Then Sunday, Jim was going to have a kid-free football day with Uncle Bill while Christie, Will, and I were going to hang out with Denise and Hunter.  In all of our spare time, we were going to get to hang out with Mae and Doe-Doe.  Unfortunately, I got really, really sick the last day in NY.  Literally, I thought that I was dying.  I figured in a week, I would be better, at least almost better.  Wednesday of that week, I took a turn for the worse.  Then Will got a cold, and Thursday Jim woke up not feeling well. 

Jim took Friday off because the day started off with us closing on the old house!!!!!!!!!!!  Yay!  We were so super thankful to have sold that house so quickly after moving into the new one.  🙂  We came home after closing for Will to get a nap, and we were going to get some stuff done around the house before driving up to Richmond.  Since we were both not feeling well, we decided to nap with Will.  When we woke up, Jim kept asking why we were going because we were so sick.  Long story short, we ended up canceling the trip.  😦  It was VERY sad!  I missed hanging out with my girls!  I wished that Will could see Uncle Bill, Mae, Doe-Doe, and Great Grandma Mary.  We are going to have to make another trip up there soon. 

Instead, we stayed home, slept a lot, and tried to feel better.  It really was the smart move because by the end of the weekend, we were on our way to recovery. 

my sick boys, well, my sick husband and Elvis   :)

my sick boys, well, my sick husband and Elvis 🙂


  1. Love the picture!!!!!

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