Posted by: worldofwillwalton | December 26, 2010

1 year 22 weeks and 17 months old

Will is 74 weeks and 17 months old.  He is busy as ever.  One of his new things is that he likes to wear Jim’s slippers, my shoes . . . pretty much anything he can try to put on his feet.  Too bad he refuses to wear HIS socks or slippers.  😦  One of the spindles on our stairs is loose.  It used to come completely out, but Grandaddy fixed it enough so that now it just wiggles.  Will has found it, and now when he goes up stairs he likes to stop at that spindle and shake it.  He’ll do it until we force him to keep going up stairs.  🙂  What a nut.  He also really likes to play in his curtains. He hides behind them and wants you to chase him and find him.  It is really cute, and he gets a kick out of himself.  🙂 

It is nothing new that Will is short.  His legs are so small, he waddles when he runs.  But he is starting to get tall enough to mess with door knobs.  He knows that you have to turn the knobs to open doors, and since we keep all of the doors closed in this house to quarantine him, he is about to have his way with the place.  😦  He reaches up and tries to turn them. 

We’re still battling  Will’s diaper rash.  It has persisted pretty much the past 3 months.  It cycles in and out, but never heals.  Just when we think that it is about to get better, it gets tons worse.  😦  We’ve now been to 4 doctors because of it.  This past weekend it got so bad that literally, he just cried.  He refused to sit even in his high chair .  . . and we all know how much he likes to eat!  😉  I had to give him motrin around the clock for 2 days.  We went back to the pediatrician Monday because of it.  The doctor gave us yet another prescription and referred us to a dermatologist.  Wednesday we went to the dermatologist who recommended that we continue using the new prescription, add to it a prescription for topical steroids (another $200 prescription), and give him baths in bleach.  Yes, you read that correctly, bathe him in bleach!   I guess if you add a 1/4 cup of bleach to bath water, it is like being in a swimming pool, and it is antiseptic.  We are only supposed to do it every other day because it also severely dries out your skin, and we don’t want to cause other problems.  We’re supposed to check back in with the doctor after a week and see how Will is progressing and how we’ll continue.

Thursday was also the last day of nursing Will first thing in the morning.  It was the last time that I was nursing him, so he his completely done. I had to wait until Jim would be home a couple of mornings so that he could go in and give Will a sippy cup.  He’s done okay.  Hopefully by Monday morning, he’ll be used to the cup enough that he won’t mind me being the one to give it to him.

74 weeks, 17 months old

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