Posted by: worldofwillwalton | December 19, 2010

1 year 21 weeks

Will is 73 weeks old.  He has started making the “touchdown” sign, and with a 10-4 record, we’ve been practicing a lot!!  🙂  Hehe!  He loves to push buttons and loves it even more when the buttons produce a tangible effect.  In the big bedroom, he goes in there and climbs on the treadmill . . . at least someone uses it 🙂 . . . but he has started pushing the buttons on the bottom of the tv.  He figured out which one turns the tv on and off to make the snow.  He now goes in there every chance he gets and turns the tv on.  If we are not with him, he’ll run find us to tell us that he turned it on.  He has also started doing a better job of throwing things.  He is definitely working on his arm for football and baseball, but there are times that this is not a good skill.  When he takes his sippy cup and throws it across the room, I’m not too pleased.  Or when he gets really close to you and throws his lego, and it nails you in the face . . . again, not so pleased.  😦  When he does get right, he loves to play with his balls.  He brings them to me first thing in the morning and I throw them, 3 at a time, down the foyer, and he takes of running after them.  He finds all 3 then brings them back to do it again.  It is a lot of fun. 

73 weeks old

73 weeks old


  1. You two entertain each other don’t you?!!!! I love to see those little legs running, he is so cute, and so proud of himself when he gets all of them too!

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