Posted by: worldofwillwalton | December 12, 2010

1 year 20 weeks

Will is 72 weeks old.  So I know last week I finally got around to mentioning Will’s new teeth, well we’ve got 4 more.  The one on each side of the top 4 that were skipped, are now coming in, so he now has the top 8 teeth.  On the bottom, he is getting the one on either side of his middle 4 if you skip one.  So he’ll have 6 on the bottom.  He doesn’t do anything “normal.”  🙂  I also forgot a word that Will says . . . “ut oh.”   Will has also started imitating sounds that he hears.  For example, if he hears a siren, he’ll squeal, or if he hears the vacuum, he’ll squeal.  It is kind of annoying, but also kind of cute.  🙂  With a kid, there is always a fine line.  He is into brushing his hair too.  If I give him his brush or even mine, he’ll try to brush his own hair.  We used up the last of the size 3 diapers that we had, so we are officially moving up to size 4s.  He is a big boy.  His two favorite things to play with are legos and balls.  He loves to take his little helicopter balls and bounce them on the hardwood floors.  I’ll take them and bounce them down the foyer, and he chases after them and tries to bounce them back.  He loves the legos on this table.  He wants you to build things and then he pulls them apart.  He is trying hard to put things together, but he hasn’t quite figured it out yet.  When he first started to figure out how to pull the pieces apart, I would make grunt sounds when I did it, so now he grunts when he pulls the pieces apart.  Man, I love him; he is just too cute!

72 weeks old

72 weeks old


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