Posted by: worldofwillwalton | December 5, 2010

1 year 19 weeks

Will is 71 weeks old.  I’ve mentioned several times before about Will being a dancing machine.  He loves to dance.  He has started pointing to where we keep the iPod if the music isn’t on.  We have several iPods and docks, but the main iPod lives in the kitchen and Jim takes it to work with him most days.  Another one is in the loft, but can only be played on shuffle (thanks to me smooshing it in the trunk one time) and the other one is in our bedroom and bathroom.  I tell Will that we can’t turn it on when Jim takes it to work.  He has started crying if I tell him that daddy took it to work.  He LOVES music.  So now I have to bring the one that we listen to while we sleep downstairs with me so that Will can listen to music all day long.  He is so strange!  🙂 

Will has also started picking his nose this week.  We don’t acknowledge it at all; we don’t tell him to stop; we don’t laugh; we do nothing.  We are hoping that this approach will help him get bored with it and quit.  🙂   

I’ve also stopped nursing Will at night this week.  I am now only nursing him once a day (when he wakes up at 7:30am).  I’ll drop that within the next month or so.  Jim and I have switched jobs;  now I give him a bath, and Jim gives him a sippy cup with milk then puts him down.  Will has been doing a great job.  He is pretty go-with-the-flow for most things, so we didn’t anticipate a problem.  We’re going to continue the switch for the next week just to make sure that Will won’t want to nurse and then we’ll switch back.  Will has also gone back to sitting in his bath.  He was refusing because his diaper rash had been so bad.  The doctor told us to put baking soda in the water, and it would make the water not sting his butt.  It works!  So now he sits down and plays again.  I’ll take some video soon and post it.  He is really cute playing with all of his toys. 

More milestones . . . I don’t think I’ve mentioned his teeth.  He’s gotten at least 3 more.  He had the 4 top middle teeth, he skipped the ones directly beside those, but has gotten the next one on either side of the top.  He had 3 of his bottom middle teeth and is finally getting the fourth.  Also, he has added two new words to his vocabulary.  Until now, it has only been momma and dadda.  He has started saying hi and hot.  Hot is also accompanied by him blowing out.  I guess he is calling me out on always making his food too hot. 🙂  This new microwave is stronger than our old one, and I haven’t gotten used to it yet.  🙂 

Once again for his weekly picture, we played catch with the dog.  We throw it on the chair, and Will picks it up and throws it on the ground.  This continues until I can get a decent picture.  😦  This week, he was slightly distracted by the pom-poms.  He likes to play with them too.  🙂

71 weeks old

71 weeks old



  1. He is just so funny! I just love that little guy so much!

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