Posted by: worldofwillwalton | November 28, 2010

1 year, 18 week and 16 months old

Will is 70 weeks old and now 16 months old.  I feel like I should start all of these Monday posts by saying how much I love him and how stinking cute that I think he is.  🙂  This week he started walking backwards.  Not that he couldn’t before, but now he intentionally starts walking backwards, he turns to see if he’ll hit anything, and then continues to walk backwards until he finally runs into something.  It is funny to watch.  He has also started correctly clapping this week.  I know that sounds funny, but seriously, the boy’s clap was horrible!  Hilarious, but horrible.  He would move his forearms and hands up and down instead of side to side.  It really looked like there was something wrong with him, but it would make us laugh out loud.  One day this week, I was on the phone with Dee-Dee in his room, and he climbed up on his box, sat down and just started clapping the way you are supposed to.  He is so proud of himself. 

Of course, this week was also Thanksgiving.  Dee-Dee, Grandaddy, Mae, and Doe-Doe all came to visit us.  We had a wonderful time with them and ate like kings!  It was a wonderful time.  The only thing that could have made it better is if all of the family was with us.  Will did have his first stair mishap.  He was playing on the stairs, which he does somewhat regularly.  He is so proficient at going up and down them, we don’t mind him playing there.  Well, he was on the landing (half way up) and next thing we know, he was tumbling down.  At first it was head over heals and then he began rolling on side to side.  He hit the gate at the bottom and spilled right through it missing hitting his head on the stationary part of the gate.  I got to him right as he hit the hardwoods.  Naturally, he started screaming and I’m not sure whose heart was beating faster, his or mine.  After he calmed down a little bit, we checked him over really well.  He seemed to be just fine.  I think it scared him (and us) more than anything.  Too bad it hasn’t stopped him from climbing all over everything. 

It was another busy, but wonderful week.  The whole team is finally feeling better.  Will was the first to get better.  Jim and I are finally feeling pretty well.  We are hoping for an easy week to come . . . too bad we have plans for every day already. 😦

70 weeks old

70 weeks old

For the past couple of weeks, when we do the weekly picture, Will spends the entire time throwing the dog off of his chair.  We throw it back on, and he throws it off again.  It goes on like this for the entire 5-10 minutes that it takes to take the picture.  He loves the game.  🙂



  1. You are so right, even if he is ours, he is soooooo cute and what a little ham he is! Thanks for having us! What a wonderful Thanksgiving it was! Love you all!

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