Posted by: worldofwillwalton | November 23, 2010


I have a lot for which to be thankful; I have my entire life.  I have led an extremely blessed life.  I had a happy childhood, a wonderful, loving family.  I never wanted for anything.  I’ve always had family and friends that have supported me in every phase of my life.  In 2001, I knew everything was going to be taken to a new level when I met my soul mate.  Jim is my best friends and the best husband that I could ever imagine.  Our life together has been wonderful beyond words.  Last year, things got even more amazing when Will came into our lives.  He is super neat and has truly been a blessing to us.  This past year, we decided to take the leap of faith to move within Charlotte.  We are as happy and grateful as ever.  We could not be in this position without the love and support from our families.  Thank you!  This Thanksgiving, I want to send my eternal thanks to the universe.  I hope the next 70 years are just was wonderful as the first 32 have been. 

I am thankful for my team.

I am thankful for my team.

I love this kid!   I am very thankful for him!

I love this kid! I am very thankful for him!


  1. That is so beautiful Shannon! You three are such a wonderful blessing in our lives, we love you! I wish you a lifetime of happiness! Kiss my baby for me and tell him that DeeDee will be there in just a little while!

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