Posted by: worldofwillwalton | November 21, 2010

1 year, 17 weeks

Will is 69 weeks old.  We were supposed to head out of town this weekend, but unfortunately, the whole team was sick.  I have been super sick since the last day in NY, and if anything, started feeling worse as the week went on.  Will has had a runny nose for most of the week, and Jim woke up Friday with a sore throat and head cold.  YUCK!!  Not only did we know that we wouldn’t enjoy ourselves on our trip, we also did not want to infect everyone else that we came in contact with.  So, we stayed at home in an effort to rest and recover. 

Besides having a cold, this was a busy week.  We’ve come a long way with the house.  Jim can officially park his car in the garage . . . not me yet, but one is better than none.  The storage shed finally got finished and the office cabinets are filled to the brim.  People thought that we went over board with how many cabinets that we got . . . haha!  They are jammed full, and I could probably fill up another set of equal size.  Since we’re out of room, we’re having someone come to the house Tuesday to build us shelves in the garage to store the remainder of our stuff. 

Since Will has really begun imitating, and since I have spent a large part of the week blowing my nose, Will now has started making a new sound.  He is trying to simulate a blowing sound.  In an effort to keep him from digging in the dirt of all of our plants, I’ve taught him how to “smell” the flowers.  He leans his head down and blows out to make a noise.  It is too cute. 

We also took Will to the doctor this week for his diaper rash again.  Last time, they gave us a $200 prescription for a cream.  After refilling twice, his butt still wasn’t getting any better.  We took him back Friday morning, and the doctor seemed to think that it was a chemical burn.  We were instructed to use no baby wipes, give him a bath in baking soda, and she gave us a prescription for burn cream.  She also told us to not use a diaper at all, but I’m sorry, I cannot let my peeing and pooping machine have free reign of my nice new house.  So far so good, his butt looks like it is showing slight improvement.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Also Friday, we closed on our old house.   Yay!  We are now the proud owners of only ONE home!!!  Things always work out the way that they are supposed to.  We took a major leap of faith, but now we are in our dream home!  We couldn’t be happier . . . well maybe if all of the boxes were unpacked.  🙂 

Naked at 69 weeks

Naked at 69 weeks

He had on a cute Steelers jump suit, but right before the picture, he pooped up his back.  So this is post bath.  🙂


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