Posted by: worldofwillwalton | November 7, 2010

1 year 15 weeks

Will is 67 weeks old.  We went to the doctor for his 15 month appointment.  All went well.  He now weighs approximately 24 lbs (50%tile), which is where he was the last time.  The weight was not very accurate this time.  The nurse had him stand on a scale, but we all know that he doesn’t stand still for more than a second, so she just announced 24 lbs.   Jim and I looked at each other because we didn’t think she was serious about being done.  Jim asked if she wanted to try again, but she said no, that it was okay.  His height was 30.5 in, which is the 30th percentile, up from the 25th percentile.  The doctor was happy with everything.  He did say, which we knew, that Will’s speech is a little bit behind.  He should have between 5-10 words, but he only says momma and dadda.  The doctor was not worried though because Will is healthy and happy otherwise.  The doctor also gave us a prescription for a cream for his diaper rash.  He has had terrible diaper rash for at least a month.  We’ve tried EVERYTHING, but nothing makes it better.  It gets a little bit better for a couple of days and just when we think that it is going to clear up, it gets ten times worse. 😦  Poor guy.  He doesn’t even sit down for his bath any more because it is too painful.  This prescription better work because it cost $200 after insurance!!  So his butt better be soft, smooth, and coated in gold after we use it!  🙂 

Other than the doctor, we had a busy week.  Will had a great time in Savannah.  Once home, we did more shopping, had the granite installed in the office, unpacked more boxes, and did the usual stuff.  Saturday, I had to get my hair cut, so Jim and Will had fun together.  Then later Valisha came over to the new house to babysit so that we could go to Jeff and Tracy’s wedding.

67 Weeks old

67 Weeks old


We’re off to NYC, so see you at 68 weeks.

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