Posted by: worldofwillwalton | November 2, 2010

Everything always works out . . .

8 months ago  . . .

Today . . .

When we put our house on the market, we weren’t really sure if we wanted to move or not, but we’d thought that we’d see what happened.  Jim’s commute was an hour plus each way, and we were starting to out grow our 1700 square feet.  Once we “staged” our home and moved half of our stuff into the garage, we decided that there was no turning back.  So, the end of February, our adventure began.  As you know, we had two offers in late July and very early August, but we didn’t accept them.  A week later, we found our dream house, after physically going into 118 houses.  After a lot of consideration, we decided to make the potentially biggest mistake of our lives, and made an offer and ultimately won  bidding war.  We closed the end of September, and have spent the past 3 weeks doing a major overhaul on the mustard mansion.  It almost isn’t even recognizable.  We’ve invested a lot of time and money in this the new house, but we’ve had the old house lingering in the wings.  We decided to have an open house to help renew interest in the old house.  Two days before the open house, we had another showing.  Later that day, they came back for a second showing, and an hour later, we had a contract.  Things always work out.  We close mid-November and will be able to give all of our undivided time and energy to our new home.  Yeah!


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