Posted by: worldofwillwalton | October 13, 2010

1 year, 11 weeks

Will is 63 weeks old.  I know I’m late with this post, but we canceled the internet at the old house and had to wait for it to be installed at the new house.  We’re finally up and running.  Yeah!  Will has had quit the hectic week.  I’ve had to call poison control twice!!  Ugh!  The first time was the beginning of last week, I was in the shower at the new house, and he was running around the bathroom and bedroom.   I was watching him, and he was just playing and running around.  Then he found my toiletries bag that Jim had put in the bath tub to keep away from him.  Jim put it close enough to the front edge of the tub that Will could still reach it, so he started pulling things out.  I was watching him, so no big deal.  He was hitting my mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner together.  At one point, he had 3 tampons shoved in his mouth.  Then he found my  bottle of eye drops.  When Dee-Dee was here, he had taken a liking to her eye drops (even trying to flush them down the toilet), so I didn’t think anything of it.  Plus, I could see that the top was on the bottle.  He was chewing on the bottle and walking around.  After I got out of the shower, he continued to walk around with the eye drops.  After about 5 more minutes, I finally asked him to bring me the eye drops because I was hearing a weird sound.   Well sure enough, the lid was cracked, and he had been drinking the eye drops like a sippy cup.  My entire bottle was gone!!  THANKFULLY, I called poison control, and they said that there was no harm in drinking an entire bottle of eye drops!  The second event happened back at the old house the end of the week.  We went back to do laundry and put out the trash.  I was doing laundry, and Will was running around the kitchen.  He usually helps me put the clothes in the dryer, sometimes snatching his favorites out and running away with them.  🙂  At that house, we have the temporary, removable cabinet locks.  Well, Will has gotten very strong and very crafty, so he knows what we do to open and close them.  Apparently, he can go over and just rip them right off.  😦  He did that to the cabinet under the kitchen sink and began drinking the dish soap.   I ran over and put his whole face under the faucet trying to clean him out with water.  Bubbles were flying everywhere from the soap.  After I got him sufficiently cleaned up, I once again called poison control.   They told me that he was in no danger that the worst that  would happen is maybe an upset stomach and maybe he would vomit once, but not to worry even if those things happened.  THANKFULLY, once again he choose something non-toxic to drink.  😦  He was fine all day and acted like nothing happened.   Needless to say, this was an eventful week, and there is NO need to have a repeat of this EVER!

63 weeks old

63 weeks old



  1. I know it’s not funny, but he makes me laugh! Although, I know it makes you sound like you are not watching him adequately, having been around him recently, I TOTALLY understand how this could happen! He is so darned cute, but way too smart in figuring out how to get to something he really wants! You not only need eyes in the back of your head… need surround vision!!!!! I LOVE you guys!

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