Posted by: worldofwillwalton | October 7, 2010


Unfortunately, Will has learned to take off his diaper.  THANKFULLY, he hasn’t done it when it is full of poop!  He only spends time just in his diaper first thing in the morning.  His footed pjs are too slippery for him to walk around in without falling all over the place.  I don’t get him dressed for the day until after breakfast because he is messy.  So he spends about an hour in the morning walking around in his diaper.  Occasionally if he has gotten soaking wet with the hose, or made a huge mess on his clothes and I’ve had to strip him, I’ll let him stay in his diaper if it is close to bath time.  Now that he knows how to take off his diaper, the first time it involves poop, he’ll stay in clothes all of the time.  🙂



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