Posted by: worldofwillwalton | October 7, 2010


A couple of Saturdays ago, Jim and I went to celebrate Brooke & Ryan’s wedding.  They moved from Charlotte to Newport News about a year ago and got married on August 7th up there.  (They picked a great day! ) 🙂  So they came back to Charlotte to celebrate with all of their friends here.  We probably could have brought Will with us, but since he is at the age that he is into EVERYTHING and can’t sit still for even a minute, we figured we would enjoy an afternoon sans Will.  Jim and I had a wonderful time and are super-duper happy for Brooke & Ryan!  

The problem with all of this is .  . . what to do with Will?  Short of my mom’s group, Will has never been left with anyone other than his grandparents and Uncle.  It has NOTHING to do with me not wanting to leave him, or not trusting other people with him.  It has everything to do with  . . . 1.  Babysitters are expensive.  They charge $10 an hour.  So if we go and want to do something like dinner, we spend $50 on dinner and then another $50 on a babysitter.  It quickly becomes too expensive.  2.  We have had friends and neighbors offer to keep Will for us if we needed them, but the problem with that is that we don’t want to put someone else out.  Will is an excellent baby, but he is work.  Who really wants to spend an afternoon and/or evening watching someone elses kid?  3.  Finally, we really like Will and like being with him.  🙂  So we don’t mind bringing him with us most places.  Hey, who can blame us for that?!  🙂 

Well, since we had decided that Brooke & Ryan’s celebration should be about them, not about our kid, we decided to explore our options.  Being a former teacher in the neighborhood that we live (not for long), I know some kids that I would trust to babysit.  But I decided to first take a friend up on her offer to watch him.  If she had other plans, I would fall back on some of my former students.  My friend, Valisha, jumped at the chance to watch him.  She came over Wednesday before so that he could see her again with me there.  To complicate matters more, since our house is on the market, we couldn’t have her watch him at our house just in case a showing happened.  (As it turns out, a showing did happen last-minute, so that was a good idea).  So we packed up the 5 bags of stuff and headed over to Valisha’s house.  She had her niece come over to play with Will too.   (Calling in preemptive reinforcements.)  🙂  Jim set up the pack-n-play, and I gave her the run down of his schedule.  Thankfully, Will did great!  She said he only cried a little bit one time, but he was hungry, so after being fed, he was happy.  He even went down for a nap.  She couldn’t get over that he doesn’t have to be rocked to sleep, that we just put him down in his crib awake.  I think, at least Valisha told me, that they had a great time!   We’ll see whether or not she offers again! 🙂  When we got back to pick Will up, he was running around super happy.  He even cried a little bit when we left, so I think he had a GREAT time!  THANK YOU VALISHA!   I love you!

It is a shame that I took this picture right before we left.  He didn’t want to leave, so he was already getting upset.  This is the only time he looked sad . . . and of course, it is what I caught on film.  😦

Thanks Valisha!!!  I love you!


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