Posted by: worldofwillwalton | October 3, 2010

1 year, 10 weeks

Will is 62 weeks old.  We’ve had a busy week.  The team closed on our new house this week, so Will has had to be super flexible.   Dee-Dee and Grandaddy also came out to help us start to get the house in move-in ready condition.   Will loved spending time with them!  He had a rough time taking naps at the new house because his old room is very dark.  Until we get the darkening curtains up, his new room isn’t.  Not to mention there is just a pack-n-play at the new house.  We spend our first night in the house Friday.  Will finally got it together and slept like a rock star.  Will loves the new house and is having such a great time exploring.  One of his favorite things is to go up and down the stairs.  He has gotten so great at going down the stairs.  Grandaddy installed the baby gates, and Will listens for them to open so that he can practice his favorite skill.  

62 weeks old

62 weeks old


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