Posted by: worldofwillwalton | September 28, 2010

Hurricane Earl

Our vacation was filled with reading, relaxing, sitting outside, and general hanging out . . . until the threat of Hurricane Earl.  Early in the week our beach was being threatened by landfall.  There were even talks of potential evacuations.  Obviously, we didn’t want to cut our vacation short, so we decided to just monitor the situation.  Luckily, within 24 hours, the predicted landfall had moved up to the Outer Banks.  The forecast was simply calling for rain Thursday evening.  We figured that we’d just make it a movie night.  After Will’s afternoon nap, the rain was still holding off, so we decided to head over to the beach.  We figured that the worst that could happen, was we’d come home when it began raining.  Well, that never happened.  We didn’t even get a drop, so we stayed at the beach all evening.  It was great.  No one was there . . . not that there are ever many people on this stretch of beach.  The ocean was a little bit rough, and the wind was stronger than it had been, but we had a blast.  Will ran all over the place . . . you’ll see videos.  🙂  A couple of surfers were trying to catch a wave in the usually calm water.  Even beach patrol was out in stronger force.  We didn’t pay any of it any attention, as we went on about doing more relaxing and enjoying the ocean.  🙂  Thanks Earl for staying away.


Turned out to be a great day!


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