Posted by: worldofwillwalton | September 26, 2010

1 year, 9 weeks and 14 months old

Will is 61 weeks and 14 months old!  He is trucking right along.  He’s feeling fine this week, but still trying to dry up his runny nose.  I know he can’t wait until I get to put the bulb syringe away for good!  🙂  This week, Will has started throwing little temper tantrums.  Truly, if this is as bad as they get, I’ll be very happy!  For a while, when he doesn’t get his way, he cries.  This week, he has started to cry, drop to his knees, spin around, and lay down on the ground.  It is hilarious!  They don’t last long; in fact, they are so short that I haven’t even been able to get a picture of it.  This week Will has also found a new way to entertain himself in the bathroom.  He likes to pull the towels off of the towel holders.  It started with Jim’s hand towel.  He’ll pull it off and throw it to the ground.  I found it amusing and not a big deal.  Then it progressed to pulling the bath towels off and throwing them to the ground as well.  I don’t find this as amusing!  With our house on the market, we try to keep some things ready for a showing.  The towels neatly folded is one of them.  Will is not helping!!  He is such a little booger.   He is lucky that he is so stinking cute!  🙂

61 weeks old

61 weeks old



  1. He is indeed a cutie pie, I can hardly wait until Thursday!!!!!

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