Posted by: worldofwillwalton | September 21, 2010

Over night visit

In 13 months, I had never spent a night away from Will.  I needed a break.  I wanted to sleep in.  I wanted to go to bed as early or late as I choose.  I didn’t want the possibility of being awoken in the middle of the night.  Jim has had several nights away, whether traveling for work or Will and I going out of town and Jim remaining behind.  If you are a parent, you understand that from the day your child is born, you will never get a true break.  But I longed for some time away.  Don’t get me wrong . . . I love Will more than life itself, and he is a WONDERFUL baby!  It doesn’t mean I don’t need some “me” time and that Jim and I don’t need some “we” time every now and then.  So we planned a vacation for Surfside beach the end of August.  No big deal, a week at the beach.  We went last year for a long weekend in September and enjoyed the emptiness of the beach and the area, since all of the kids had already gone back to school.  So, we knew it would be similar.  Surfside is only about an hour and a half from my parents’ house, so last year they drove down for the day to see Will.  (We don’t even pretend that anyone cares about seeing us anymore.)  🙂  After planning our vacation, I called my mom to make the same offer.  Somehow it evolved into us driving to my parents’ house a day early, and leaving will with them for the first two days of our vacation.  I’m not sure whose idea this was, but it was BRILLIANT!  We drove to Southport Saturday evening, enjoyed a wonderful dinner, got up Sunday morning at left at Will’s first nap.  Forty-eight hours sans child.  Jim and I checked in to the resort, changed clothes and headed to the beach for the evening.  Monday, we got up, (not sleeping in as long as I would have liked, but it is hard when you are used to getting up everyday), packed a lunch, and headed to the beach.  We literally spent the entire day at the beach.  It is how we used to do it pre-child.  Bring a lunch and snacks and be there until we couldn’t see any more.  I enjoyed my new Nook . . . reading an entire novel.  Both of us enjoyed naps on the beach.  We laid in the sun, in the water, and even in our tent . . . especially after I realized I had horrible sunburn.  😦  It was awesome.  We got up Tuesday, had massages, and met my dad to pick up Will.  It was WONDERFUL . . . THANK YOU mom and dad! 

Meanwhile, back in Southport, Will was having the time of his life as well!   Dee-Dee and Grandaddy spoiled him rotten.  He played outside, went for walks, the indoor pool, the park, Walmart, Marianne’s store.  He had so much fun!  He was also a great sleeper while he was there, which was great for Dee-Dee!  Good job Will!! 

Needless to say, I think everyone involved enjoyed their time, but I have to say, as wonderful it was to have some time away, it was just as wonderful to get our 3rd team member back!  Team Walton wasn’t the same without Will.  We missed him like crazy!!

Breakfast with Dee-Dee

Will loved playing on the deck!

And going for trips in the car.

We loved laying on the beach!

We also want to give a shout out to Uncle Bill!  It was his birthday on Sunday, but since I don’t do the blog on weekends, I didn’t mention it.   Happy Birthday Uncle Bill!!  We love you!



  1. It was such a special time for us, we loved every second of it and Will was an angel! Granddaddy Tom may disagree about bath time (the angel thing), but we all had a blast. Anytime you need time away just call!!!!!

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