Posted by: worldofwillwalton | September 20, 2010


With the new house, we have been spending a large amount of time running errands.  Most of the time we are in Lowes or Home Depot.  🙂  Will has really been a trooper while being dragged from store to store. 

Will loves both Lowes and Harris Teeter because they have car carts.  He loves to drive.  😉

At Lowes, he was checking out the kid sized chairs to see if he liked them. 

He even went to get the oil changed with daddy.  Luckily, the Toyota dealership has a fun playroom.  🙂

Back to Lowes again.

He even made a trip to the dentist office.  We make back to back appointments, so one of us can be in the waiting room with Will while the other is being seen.  Jim was super excited when the dentist acquired an old school video game since our last visit.  He was teaching Will to play Galaga and Frogger.

Home Depot isn’t as much fun as Lowes because they don’t have fun carts, so Will decided that he wanted to push the cart through the store. 

Will even went to Walmart when he was staying with Dee-Dee and Grandaddy. 

He was testing out the cutest chairs ever in WOW Home Furnishings.  Too bad they are more than I was willing to spend. 😦



  1. He is so good to go from place to place and be entertained with his surroundings! He loves watching the people in the stores also! You know Christmas is right around the corner and the football chair fits in Santa’s bag I’m sure!!!!

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