Posted by: worldofwillwalton | September 15, 2010

Big Boy Bath

Will FINALLY graduated to taking a bath in the real bath tub.  We have been in NO hurry for that because it hurts my knees and is awkward to kneel down in front of the bath tub.  We much preferred standing at the kitchen sink.  Unfortunately, Will was starting to climb out of the little tub in the sink, and it had truly become a 2-person job to give him a bath.  So when Dee-Dee came to visit, she brought her bath tub seat for Will to start using.  He is still not so sure about the new bath situation.  Some days he loves it and plays happily, while other days, he screams bloody murder the entire time.  🙂  Hopefully he will soon begin to enjoy it more consistently. 


  1. Get a little stool to sit on to bathe him — it will save your knees. In the meantime, use a towel for kneeling on 🙂

  2. How darling is that! Just wished it was everytime! 🙂

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