Posted by: worldofwillwalton | September 13, 2010

Gran and Pap come visit

The second week in August, Gran and Pap made the trip south to visit.  Will was super excited to see them and quickly remembered Pap’s fun glasses!  They were kind enough to babysit the first night after their long drive so that Jim and I could go to Tracy and Jeff’s wedding shower.  We had such a good time not having to try to keep a 1-year-old happy at an adult party.  But, I think Will had even more fun than we did!  He played in the woods, on both swings outside, with the hose and the water table.  He went for a walk and even made some new friends on the way.  I think he would prefer for us to leave him more often.  🙂  He loved spending 3 fun days with Gran and Pap and wishes that he could see them more often.  They brought him some fun toys too.  His favorite  seems to be the helicopter.

Congratulations Tracy and Jeff!!

Kid free!  🙂

Will had such a great time with Gran and Pap!  Thanks for everything!!

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