Posted by: worldofwillwalton | September 7, 2010

Lost our minds

That is what you are going to say when you read this.  🙂  We have bought a new house!  The problem is that we haven’t sold our other home yet.  Herein lies the problem.  😦  After visiting 118 houses in our price range in Charlotte, we are confident that we know what we like and what we don’t as well as what a good deal is and what is not a good deal.  This house was a foreclosure that had just come on the market.  We’ve seen several foreclosures that have been completely trashed, but this one appeared to be in decent shape with only some cosmetic problems.  We knew the house would go quickly, so we decided to bat out-of-order and make an offer.  Even after only being on the market for 5 days, there was already another offer on the house, and we entered a bidding war.  After raising our price a ton, we won the war!  🙂  We had it inspected, and there are really only some minor repairs needed.  All in all we feel like we got a good deal on the house.  We will close on September 28th.   Now the focus is to get our current house sold!!! 

We call the new house the mustard mansion because every single room in the ENTIRE house is mustard (baby poop) yellow.  It is a 3 bedroom plus loft, 2.5 bath house that is 3100 sq. ft.  It is on a very small, flat yard.  I think Jim can cut the grass in 20 minutes.  But it is in the neighborhood that we wanted, and will cut Jim’s commute from an hour to 25-30 minutes.  That is the best news!! 

Front of the house. 

The kitchen needs a fridge and back splash, but has quartz counters and plenty of cabinets.  🙂

The great room needs blinds, a tv to be mounted, paint, and a rug, but it has plenty of room for our furniture.

Through the cut-out is the playroom for Will.  Down that hallway is a half bath that needs blinds, vanity, and mirror.  Also down the hall is the laundry room that leads to the garage. 

This is the master bath.  The other full bath has the same cabinets and counters.  Through the door is the closet, which is 11 x 12, which is bigger than the spare bedrooms in our current house.  🙂  Maybe we can fit all of our clothes in there. 🙂

We did drop our price on our current house this week, so we are hoping that the change generates a great offer!  🙂  Wish us luck!!


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