Posted by: worldofwillwalton | September 5, 2010

1 year, 5 and 6 weeks and 13 months

Will turned 13 months, 57 and 58 weeks since I last posted.  Time is flying by!  We had a very busy two weeks.  You’ll see the main reason why in tomorrow’s post.   🙂  We also went to see Dee-Dee and Grandaddy and then to the beach for a week.  Unfortunately, it was not all good.  The day after Will turned 13 months, he got sick for the first time.   There will be another post that will come with a “yuck” warning.  🙂  

Will is definitely a little boy . . . he is covered in cuts and bruises.  He loves to run and play outside.  Sometimes that comes with accidents.  Certainly nothing major; he is just an active little boy!  😉  

He has finally cut another tooth.  He got all 6 at once and has been working on just growing those 6 for months now.  But a 7th has finally started to appear.  It is on the bottom right, next to the middle 2.  It hasn’t seemed to bother him at all thus far and is still barely peeking through.   

Will started dancing this week.  He loves to play his music on his toys.  When it starts, he begins to hip thrust and bounce.  He’s already a better dancer than both Jim and I.  🙂  A video to come later. 

In the past couple of days, Will has figured out that his fire truck has wheels and how to use them.  He puts it on the ground and pushes it around.   It is too cute. 

Finally, in the past 2 weeks, Will has really started imitating much more.  If you cough, he does a fake cough.  If you push a button on his phone with your foot, he comes over and tries to make the noises by pushing the buttons with his foot.  If you make a sound, he tries to make a similar one.  He is just the cutest little thing EVER!   . . . . and I’m not biased at all.  🙂 

57 weeks old

57 weeks old

58 weeks

58 weeks



  1. He looks so big in the 58 week picture. Can’t wait to see the dancing video, everytime I think about him dancing I just laugh out loud! He is such a little ham!! Boy, did I enjoy keeping him!

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