Posted by: worldofwillwalton | August 11, 2010


Will and I had planned to drive up to DC to see some of our favorite people.  After Will’s rough time in Wilmington, we decided to check for flights to DC.  Thankfully, we found one.  We flew up Friday and enjoyed spending the day with the cousins.  Peyton is always such a huge help with Will, but Connor is becoming a super helper as well.  After the kids went to bed, Beth and I went out with Christie, Laurie, and Amy.  We had a lot of fun!!  The mommies should do that more often.  🙂  Unfortunately the boys both woke up in the 5am hour, which made for a very short night.  Even with being tired, we had a great day hanging out together.  Then Saturday night, Will and I headed to Amanda’s to spend time with her, Joey, Christie, Denise, and Hunter.  Unfortunately, we only get to all be together about once a year.  😦   Amanda is moving to Jordan in 3 weeks and is pregnant, so we wanted to make sure that we all got together before she left for the next 2 years.  😦  We had such a good time hanging out.  The boys all played very well together, but I think that they scared Christie!! I wish that we all lived closer together.  Sunday, Beth and I headed to the pool with all of the kids before Lisa came over to visit.  Kyleigh, Beth’s niece, spent the weekend with us too.  She was another great helper with Will.  All of the kids wanted to “hold the baby.”  Sunday afternoon, Lisa came over to visit.   It was so good to see Lisa again.  She is also pregnant and is the cutest preggo ever!  We can’t wait to meet her little boy.  Monday, I was home alone with all of the kids.  We had a great day.  Unfortunately after Will and I got to the airport and got to the gate, we found out that our flight was delayed so much that we wouldn’t get home until about 10:30pm.  That was too late, so we had them change us to a Tuesday flight.  So Beth came back to the airport and picked us back up.  Ultimately, we made it home with no glitches.  Once again, Will was a horrible sleeper, so I was glad to be home to get him back on schedule!!  But, we had a fantastic time with all of our family, friends, and playmates for Will.  We miss them already!!!!!!!

Will’s 3rd plane.  CLT to IAD.  An hour flight is much better.  Will slept the entire time.  🙂

The cousins.  Peyton, Kyleigh, Will, and Connor

Our climber

The boys needed some sunglasses.

Amanda and Joey

Denise and Hunter

I think Christie was scared to death seeing all of the boys running around!!

Joey and Will wanted to give Amanda and the new baby a hug. 

All of the boys played well together!

A day at the pool. 

Kyleigh and Peyton took turns pulling Will around in the float.

Lisa brought Will a birthday present. 

He loved his frog towel.

4th plane.  Time to go home.  Our original flight was canceled, so we had to fly home the next day.

Will had fun running up and down the aisles. 

Jim picked us up and was glad to have us home.  We immediately went to our favorite Mexican restaurant.  🙂

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