Posted by: worldofwillwalton | August 10, 2010

Back to the Lake

We were invited back to Benjy and Arinn’s house at Lake Wylie.  So Sunday morning, we packed up stuff for the day and headed back to the lake.  Once again, we had a GREAT time.  Team Sigmund and Team Propst also came out.  The kids spent tons of time on the “beach” that Benjy made.  It was the perfect place to stay cool and relax.  Later we all headed out on the boat.  We ended up taking both of Benjy’s boats since a few more people stopped by.  We headed to the SC sand bar and anchored up.  We floated around in the water for a while enjoying the day.  Unfortunately, when I jumped in, my sunglasses went under, never to be found again. 😦  We even put Will in since he had on a life jacket.  He didn’t like floating in just the life jacket, so I had to hold him in the water to make him feel safe.  On the way back to Team Huntley’s house, we all rode the tube.  Benjy gave Matt and Jim such a rough ride that the cover ripped off of the tube, so the boys didn’t even have anything to hold onto.  They were scared to death!  🙂  What a great day!!

Will, Rachel, and Gizmo hanging out inside while the mom’s ate.  🙂

Some of the bunch hanging out on the beach while the boys rode the jet skis.

Will was loving it!

Laya, Violet, and Will on the deck.

Team Sigmund

The wind was blowing so hard when we were heading to the sand bar that Will just held his eyes shut.

Will was asking Benjy if he could drive home.

Will and I in the water.

Jenny and I on the tube.

Benjy was spraying Matt and Jim!

Finally back at their house.  The boys were super happy to have made it back without getting thrown out!  Matt’s face says it all. 🙂

Time to clean out both of the boats.  Thanks Arinn and Benjy for another great day!!



  1. He needs a pair of sunglasses with a strap to hold them on his head. : )

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