Posted by: worldofwillwalton | August 5, 2010

Wilmington Part 2

While in Wilmington, the ladies and kids packed up all of our junk, including the kitchen sink, and headed over to the beach for the day.  Peyton, who last year was afraid of the waves and didn’t like the sand, did GREAT!!  She was so brave and wanted to go into the ocean, dig in the sand, look for crabs, and anything else that there was to do.  She had a blast!  The boys were a little bit slower to warm up.  Both of them were afraid of the water at first and didn’t really want to be in the sand either.  Luckily, we found a small tidal pool and plopped them down in it.  After a few minutes, they loved it.  Connor played with his toys, and Will ate his weight in sand.  🙂  Will tried to be really sneaky . . . he kept his hands below the water playing in the sand and as soon as we would look away, he would shove as much sand in his mouth as he could.  Then he would fill the toys up with the salt water and drink it.  He is a mess. 🙂  After playing in the tidal pool for a while, we headed back into the waves.  We took the floats and went further out.  The kids loved it!  It was so nice that it lulled Will to sleep.  🙂  Unfortunately, I had to take him out of the float, which woke him up, but when he was sleeping, his head dropped down and was dangerously close to going under the water.  I couldn’t have that, so it was better to pull him out.  We headed back to the tent that we set up and ate lunch and watched all of the birds.  Before we loaded up the car and headed home, we stopped in the beach club and spent a little bit of time in the pool.  Sometimes it is nice to finish up in the pool to wash off.  Both Will and Connor fell asleep as soon as they got in the car.  Later that day, Mae and Doe-Doe arrived to spend the rest of the week with us.  It was a great day!

Will was drinking the salt water.

What a fun day!



  1. That really was a great day and all in all everyone did GREAT! Although, the FUN was still to come for the mommies and DeeDee! 🙂

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