Posted by: worldofwillwalton | July 21, 2010

51 weeks

Will is 51 weeks old!  He finally completely recovered from our trip out-of-town, just for us to go out-of-town again.  Will and I were going to drive the 8 hours to DC, but after the trip to Wilmington, I realized that by myself, the 8 hours would have turned into at least 11 with all of the stops that I would have to make.  So Tuesday night we found a flight and booked it.  Friday Will and I flew up.  He did GREAT on the plane!  An hour flight is much more manageable than the flight to Phoenix.  This week he did start “giving 5” and waving more on command.  He’s been waving for a long time, but never when I wanted him too.  He is getting better.  🙂

51 weeks

51 weeks



  1. I miss that little fellow so much! I can hardly wait to see him again. Kiss him for me and then kiss him again and again and again………..!

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