Posted by: worldofwillwalton | July 15, 2010


We usually keep the door to upstairs closed, but the other day I opened it just to see what Will would do.  It is no surprise that he immediately just climbed all of the stairs.  He is a climber.  He doesn’t understand that he can’t just lean back, so you have to be right behind him to catch him. 

We were at Rich’s 1st birthday party the end of June, and they don’t have a gate at the bottom of the stairs.  Will kept walking over to them and climbing right up to the top.  Every time I would look away, he would go as fast as he could.  All kinds of people at the party were chasing after him trying to stop him from going up them.  When I would carry him away, he would cry because he was mad.  It was hilarious.  🙂 

Ready to go.

Ready to go.

"Please mom, don't take me down.  I'm only half way up."

"Please mom, don't take me down. I'm only half way up."

Will and I are boarding a plane this morning to fly up to DC to visit Aunt Beth, Uncle Jason, Peyton and Connor.  While we’re there, we get to see Aunts Christie, Amanda, Denise, and Lisa.  Will also gets to meet his playmates Joey and Hunter, as well as two future playmates.  Uncle Jason is even going to babysit Friday night , so all of the ladies can go out.  🙂  Thanks!!  We’ll be back late Monday night, so there won’t be another post until Tuesday.


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