Posted by: worldofwillwalton | May 31, 2010

44 weeks and 10 months

Will is 44 weeks old and officially 10 months old.  He had a big food week, starting to do better feeding himself with puffs and tried meats.  I’ll post a food update later this week.  We went to visit school for the last day.  We also went back to the hospital where Will was born to visit our friends that just had a baby the day he turned 10 months old.  While we were at the hospital, we visited Deena.  She was the nurse that we had for 3 12-hour shifts while we were in the hospital for Will’s birth.  She was super good to us!!  It was so good to see her to just be able to say thank you!  Will did a great job at school and the hospital.  Saturday, we spent the day running errands, which is never fun, but Will was also a trooper!  He’s such a good boy!!

44 weeks and 10 months old

44 weeks and 10 months old

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