Posted by: worldofwillwalton | May 17, 2010

42 weeks old

There are two posts for today because we are leaving for Richmond and won’t be around tomorrow. 

Will is 42 weeks old.  Please don’t take this as me complaining, because Will was a good sleep for 41 weeks and is still a good sleeper compared to all other babies.  Having said that, he used to sleep until about 10 every morning.  Perfect for a mom that values sleep over just about everything else!  😉  The past week, Will has finally become an early riser.  He now wakes about 7am.  Still good for most babies, but a 3 hour difference for me is culture shock!  😦  Will also added ground beef to his list of foods .  It is his first meat and his first finger food.  Because he has to “gum” it to death, it took him about an hour to eat a teaspoon, but he’s eating it.  We tried apples as a finger food, but he had a really hard time chewing it (gumming it), so we’ll stick to pureeing apples. 

42 weeks

42 weeks


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