Posted by: worldofwillwalton | May 2, 2010

39 and 40 weeks / 9 months

 Will is now 40 weeks old and 9 months.  We were out-of-town for Will’s 39 weeks, so the picture is on location.  This has been a VERY busy two weeks for Will.  Will is cutting 6 teeth.  He had a couple of days of relief, then a couple more fussy days, and is now having some relief from the pain.  Poor little guy.  Will also perfected his crawling.  He is a crawling machine and rarely rolls anywhere.  He also learned how to go from laying down to sitting up on his own.  Finally, he is now a monster when it comes to pulling himself up.  He can and will pull up on any and everything!!!!  Nothing and no one is safe! All of Will’s new skills are also causing some sleep issues.  His crib went from the highest setting last week to the lowest this week, and he is still able to pull himself up.  In the middle of the night, he’ll wake up and pull himself up, then he’ll get stuck and just scream until we come and get him.  Needless to say, our good sleeper is digressing.  Hopefully once standing is no big deal, he’ll return to his good sleeping habits.  With all of his new skills, he has moved on to a new set of toys.  Old favorites are now boring for him.  Our little baby is growing up!   

39 weeks

39 weeks

40 weeks

40 weeks



  1. I know he’s ours, but darn is he cute!

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