Posted by: worldofwillwalton | April 18, 2010

38 weeks

Well, it is official . . . Will has now spent more time on the outside than he did on the inside.  He was born 1 day shy of 38 weeks gestation, and he is now 38 weeks old.

Teeth, teeth, teeth . . . Will has at least 6 coming in.  The 4 top teeth are visible, and the 2 middle teeth on the bottom.  He waited a long time to get them, but he’s decided to try to catch up and get them all at once.   Because of the teeth, Will has been fussier than normal.  A couple of days this week were quite difficult, but they just made me so thankful for what a happy, laid-back kid he is the majority of the time.

38 weeks old

38 weeks old


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